10 Amazing Animated Movies That Was Ruined By One Scene

While not every movie is a perfect masterpiece, most beloved films have the occasional glitch or a moment where things don’t quite line up. Of course, this doesn’t automatically make them bad movies, but some notorious scenes have been known to have a bad effect on the reputation of a movie or the franchise as a whole.

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Plenty of scenes that could easily be dismissed are easily forgotten, but others not only reflected poorly on the original story but potentially ruined the entire movie. While they’re often more cutesy or family-friendly, animated movies aren’t exempt from judgment either. Many well-made animated films retained problematic scenes that tarnished their reputation and altered the impact of film messages in general.

10/10 The soul’s final scene contrasts with its subject matter

The great spirit behind

The controversial Pixar animated film Spirit It received a divided reception after its 2020 release. Despite a strong core concept and stunning visuals, the overall story and theme were criticized for their superficial discussion of mature topics.

through one of the spirit In the final scenes, the protagonist, Joe, finally understands what made his life meaningful. When given a choice to either stay on Earth or enter the Great Beyond, Joe sends 22 back to Earth in his stead. But just when before he died, he suddenly got a “second chance” and came back to life instead. It’s a totally disappointing and frustrating moment that completely defeats the theme of the entire movie.

9/10 Rise of the Guardians could take itself more seriously

Jack talks to Jimmy in his room

While the bulk of rise of the guardians Charming and well written, there are moments when he struggles to define who his audience is. There are many scenes with darker tones and mature themes, but others are hard to take seriously.

Like many Christmas movies, the final theme of rise of the guardians is that innocence and faith are the forces behind the existence of magic. However, the way the movie expresses this during a scene between Jimmy and Jack Frost doesn’t make much sense in movie lore. Jimmy is somehow able to see Jack Frost after Jack makes it snow in his room, allowing him to inspire faith in enough children to save the world.

8/10 The Lego Movie 2: The Sequel tried to imitate the first movie, but failed

Lego Movie 2 Live Action Scene

while lego movie It was highly praised for its creative plot and great sense of humor, The Lego Movie 2: Part TwoAnd the was less successful. It maintained the same charm and energy as the first film, but struggled to stand out in a meaningful way compared to its predecessor.

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Articulated through a surprisingly emotional sequence, the first film’s theme was successful in communicating the film’s basic premise in a meaningful and nostalgic manner. However, the sequel’s live-action scene felt less connected to the plot and struggled to recreate the effect of the original film.

7/10 The wolf children portray an odd side of Hana’s relationship

Here are the wolf kids out at night

wolf childrenis the first animated film produced by Studio Chizu, and is a heartfelt and beautiful story about a mother’s love for her two half-wolf children. However, one scene stands out as a particularly bizarre inclusion and changes the general nature of the relationship between Hannah and the man she loves.

After confessing to Hana that he has the ability to turn into a wolf, she assures him that it does not change her feelings. Immediately upon her announcement, she and the man are seen in bed together, but he stays in wolf form for some reason. It’s a rather disturbing and uncomfortable scene that the movie never justifies, explains, or mentions again.

6/10 Trolls have a random tragic moment


Widely acclaimed musical comedy Trolls It was praised for its visuals and soundtrack, but it does have one particular scene that contrasts with this film’s light tone. Most of the movie is steamy and bubbly, which makes his infamous scene all the more ridiculous in the context of the movie.

It was revealed at the end TrollsHowever, the reason Branch is gray is because he blames himself for his grandmother’s death. He claims that singing exposed his whereabouts, causing him to kidnap his grandmother and vow never to sing again. The tone of the scene is so drastically different from the movie as a whole that it’s hard to take the rest of the story seriously.

5/10 Batman: The Killing Joke depicts a toxic relationship


While the second half of Batman: The Killing Joke Its dark storyline and faithfulness to the original comedy was praised, and the film’s first half was heavily criticized. Her portrayal of Batgirl and her discussion of sensitive topics was irreverent and overly sexualized for a “mature animated movie”.

Throughout the first half of the film, Batgirl struggles with her feelings and attitude towards Batman, who seeks to distance her from danger and temptations by removing her from his current case. When she confronts him about it, insulting and eventually fighting him, the scene quickly changes, and the pair somehow end up in bed together.

4/10 An uncomfortable Frozen troll scene

frozen trolls

frozenOne of Disney’s most successful animated films is not without its flaws. Despite the acclaimed soundtrack, stunning visuals, and overall honest story, a few moments stand out as controversial or bizarre, with one particular scene and song disliked badly for its implications.

During the second half of the film, Kristoff and Anna slowly develop a close relationship after their adventures together. However, until the movie’s big twist, it is not known that Hans plans to betray Anna. Despite this, the rock trolls sing a whole song about how Kristoff and Anna got married instead, ignoring their protests and disrespecting Anna’s choices.

3/10 Ralph breaks the internet includes princesses for no meaningful reason

Vanellope with Disney Princesses, Ralph Breaks the Internet

wreck ralph ambitious sequel ralph breaks the internet, It included and used a handful of Disney characters and their metaphors throughout the film. Most of the movie was exciting and entertaining, but several moments clearly prioritized Disney’s desire to market its other franchises over telling a strong story.

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The famous Disney Princess scene, played throughout most of the movie’s trailers, attempts to serve as a pivotal character moment for Vanellope. Instead, the scene feels relatively shallow, and the princesses’ advice, while useful in the end, relies heavily on humor to get its point across.

2/10 Belle leaves viewers at a loss as to whether or not romance is involved

Belle and the Dragon from Belle

Latest Studio Chizu Movies, belle, a powerful and visually stunning film about grief and human connection. It’s a meaningful story, but some of its themes get lost in translation for audiences familiar with the Disney story Beauty and the beast.

While there is a romantic subplot within the movie, the bulk of belle It revolves around Suzu’s relationship with The Dragon – revealed to be a young boy named Kei – and her efforts to rescue him from his abusive home life. However, one specific scene between them includes clear visual and lyrical similarities Beauty and the beast, which unintentionally alluded to a romantic dynamic between the two and caused some viewers to question the film’s core message.

1/10 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World forced its struggle

Ruffnut How-To-Your-Dragon-3-Hidden-World

Of the three films in How to train your dragon franchise, his third film is arguably his weakest. It has its strong moments, with a satisfying and emotional finale to the trilogy. However, many of the scenes and plot points in the film felt oddly trivial and disappointing compared to its predecessor.

One key scene in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World A conversation between Ruffnut and Grimmel’s opponent. After being captured by Grimmel, Ruffnut tries to nag him into releasing her, but inadvertently betrays pivotal information about Hiccup, Toothless, and Burke. The scene feels forced, as if there wasn’t a more organic way to bring conflict into the plot.

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