10 iconic Christmas movies we just can’t stand

Hallmark movies aren’t the most popular holiday movies about Christmas, but they still have a dedicated fanbase with romantic plots geared towards families. This year, fans enjoyed stories from movies like Single and ready to jingle And the New Orleans Noel.

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Many of these films retell the storylines from previous Hallmark specials, following tropes that are still popular with fans. However, some of the hundreds of specials do not meet expectations. While all of these plots have some level of cheesiness, some are so bad that even Hallmark fanatics couldn’t get past them.

10/10 Gingerbread Love Story (2018) lacks substance and chemistry

In this Hallmark special, an architect is constantly on the move until she meets a bakery owner who is a single father who gives her a reason to stay a while. The two join forces for an upcoming life-size gingerbread contest, and a romance begins to build.

While Hallmark movies aren’t considered the best holiday movies in their genre, many fans love the subtle level of cheesiness in many of the plots, however, many viewers just couldn’t stand the storyline. Gingerbread romancebelieving that the story lacked substance, and that the two stars lacked real on-screen chemistry.

9/10 Baby’s First Christmas (2012) had unmasked leads

In this special, two lawyers, once courtroom rivals, come together to create the perfect Christmas for their married siblings and their budding family. The themes focus heavily on the importance of family during the holidays and, as with typical Hallmark costumes, budding romance.

Related: 10 Rom-Coms For Those Who Don’t Like Rom-ComsAlthough Baby’s First Christmas has a warm premise that many viewers enjoyed, many thought the two leads unconvincing as a dynamic duo. The acting, in general, throughout the movie was a poor performance.

8/10 Santa Switch (2013) failed to capture the attention of audiences

Santa Switch Follows a workaholic father who risks losing his family as he continues to put the job before them. After his wife’s sudden decision to file for divorce, he meets a real-life Santa Claus, who hands over his duties to a father, forcing him to balance his Santa duties as he struggles to win back his family.

Related: 10 of the Best Holiday Movies That Weren’t Holiday MoviesAlthough this movie attempted a unique premise, balancing a multi-layered plot, it fell short in execution. The muddy plot and various conflicts made the story pointless for many viewers. In terms of real-life Santa Claus movies, this story ranks low in terms of entertainment.

7/10 Battle Of The Bulbs (2010) fails in originality

For some holiday movie fans, there is nothing better than the funniest Christmas movie. The battle of the lamps Attempts to imitate this popular comedy, by following two neighbors as they fight over the holidays to get the best supply of Christmas decorations.

It fails miserably in an attempt to convey a lighthearted, fun sense of humor. Viewers and critics alike found this film to have a problematic storyline and poorly executed subplots. Many viewers thought this movie tried too hard to mimic the humor seen in it decorate the hallswhich fell below comics fan standards and still received far more positive reviews than this Hallmark disappointment.

6/10 Three Wise Women (2010) slaying classic

Three wise men It follows three angels and shrieks who appear to Liz to help her see that her current fiancé, whom she is supposed to marry the day after Christmas, is not the right man for her. Many viewers enjoyed the unique and heartwarming premise behind the plot.

Although many audience members appreciated the plot, many critics believed that it problematically parodies Dickens’ story. Christmas carol. In an effort to incorporate this classic tale, the film jumped between time periods that confused the plot.

5/10 A Delightful Christmas (2019) had an unusual premise that didn’t quite stand up to the standards

happy birthday It follows two professional women who work as Christmas coaches. In this plot, they get an exciting opportunity to plan the royal family’s holiday celebration. Of course, this also inevitably means that they meet a Grinch-like individual who doesn’t share their holiday spirit.

Hallmark movies follow a lot of similar plot lines, so this movie tried to introduce a new kind of hero. However, the unusual premise didn’t make up for the typical romance and Hallmark themes typical of fun holiday experiences.

4/10 The Christmas Twist fails to touch reality

A Christmas Detour starred in one of Full houseThe main characters, Candace Cameron Bure. This plotline follows travelers affected by a storm during the holidays. Paige relies on Dylan to get her to her fiancé in time for Christmas, but she unexpectedly begins to fall for this seemingly annoying man.

Although some viewers found the romance, though predictable, to be a bland storyline, many other viewers were uncomfortable with her budding romance as they rushed to be with her current fiancé. Overall, the love interests seemed to lack connection and failed to impress the audience.

3/10 Each birthday has a story depicting an uncomfortable, forced change of heart

in a Every birthday has a storyA popular TV personality makes the mistake of admitting on air that she hates Christmas. To save her job, she takes on a small-town story and, in traditional Hallmark fashion, realizes she’s miscalculated the Christmas holiday.

Related: 5 Rom-Coms That Reinvented the Genre (And 5 That Didn’t)Although the performances of the stars in this movie impressed viewers, this was the most positive takeaway. Many audience members and critics thought that an angry Christmas woman who finds her holiday spirit was an over-the-top trope that didn’t do well in the plot. Many also believed that her elation at the forced leave felt more like a cop-out than an actual decision to change her perspective.

2/10 Incident Santa (2010) had a story that other hallmark films could not compete with

Santa Incident It follows the events of the Department of Homeland Security mistakenly mistaking Santa’s sleigh for an alien spacecraft, causing it to crash land in a small town. There, he is comically pursued by these unintelligent agents, and eventually enlists the help of the townspeople to make games without using his toy shop and his assistants.

In terms of controversial Santa Claus images, This Santa is a good attempt to pass on the legend. Unfortunately, this Hallmark special was out of reach for many fans of the channel. While this unique premise might have done better among the comedy or sci-fi audience, romance fans weren’t impressed.

1/10 Christmas at the palace was very much anticipated even for the hallmark

Christmas in the palace It begins with former professional skater Katie who gets a job coaching the king’s daughter for a figure skating competition. This professional relationship soon turns into a romance between Katie and King.

Hallmark is known for its very catchy and predictable romantic lines with a very happy ending around Christmastime. However, this movie failed to impress the romance-obsessed audiences. Royal storylines aren’t unusual in Hallmark movies, but this princess-like plot seemed more appropriate for a Disney series.

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