10 movies from 2020 that will satisfy your nostalgia for the early 2000s

With shows like Weird things Bringing ’80s nostalgia to an all-time high, it’s only a matter of time before the 2000s become the decade everyone looks back on fondly. With its thriving tech culture and unique sense of fashion, the first 10 years of the new millennium really produced quite a few 1920s nostalgia hits.

Like Disney animated movies turns red To heart-wrenching dramas like Dear Zoe, it is already clear that stubs are on the rise in popular culture. While there have been plenty of movies from that past decade, only a select few evoke feelings of nostalgia that audiences are looking for.

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The Grudge 2020 movie with subtitles

A woman pleads with a policeman from The Grudge

Horror is not usually associated with nostalgia, but the massive success of the original American version of grudge He firmly established himself in the pop culture of the 2000s. The reboot of the franchise follows a detective who investigates a series of murders that all involve the same haunted house.

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Set in the mid-20th century, not only is the movie nostalgic for its connection to a classic, but the look of the movie is very appropriate. Although it failed to move the needle with critics, grudge is an important installment in the series that transports viewers back to the first time they were spooked by the franchise.

Dear Zoe (2022)

Tess thinks of my dear Zoe

movies like Dear Zoe Rare in today’s geek world because it uses the time period as a backdrop and doesn’t necessarily smear things the way most nostalgic films do. The film follows a young girl who, in the aftermath of her sister’s untimely death, reconnects with her estranged father.

Sadie Sink carries the film through with her powerful performance, and the nods to early 20th-century culture are more subtle than the usual nostalgia-centric flicks. Dear Zoe It could have been set in any time period, but the choice to place it on the horizon makes it the perfect movie for anyone looking for a serious story from the recent past.

Graduation year (2022)

Stephanie's cheer-up routine in Senior Year

The 2000s was known for its absurd teen comedies and Netflix Originals Graduation Year It would fit right in between movies like mean girls. After waking up from a 20-year coma, a woman returns to high school in an effort to regain the youth she missed.

It’s stuffed with vintage flair from the ’90s and ’00s, obviously Graduation Year It was specifically designed to appeal to an audience of a certain age who also missed out on those bygone days. Rebel Wilson was the perfect fish-out-of-water character, and the humor is an excellent addition to high school nostalgia.

Frustrated (2022)

Giselle stands in front of a frustrated wagon

If there’s one production company that knows how to grapple with nostalgia, it’s Disney, and its long-awaited sequel. fascinated It was exactly what many fans were waiting for. frustrated Follows the protagonists of the first film as they move to a new kingdom that causes repercussions in the real world.

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Most of the familiar faces from the first film are back to reprise their roles, and the sequel has the same playful energy but with an added layer of nostalgia as well. Much the same way fascinated They capitalized on the audience’s love for the Disney classic, frustrated The nostalgia is based on 2007.

Orphan: First Kill (2022)

Esther stares into the camera from Orphan First Kill

made waves upon its initial release, orphan It wasn’t necessarily a hit but it made quite an impact on viewers when it was released in 2009. Orphan: First kill It is introduced and tells the story of Esther before she comes to live with the family from the first film.

as the years pass, orphan It has earned some reputation as a cult classic, and audiences have been as eager to scare their wits as they did in the 2000s. Introducing one of the most notorious child killers in cinema history, Esther has become a nostalgic horror icon on the lines of Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees.

Marry Me (2022)

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson from Marry Me

Although it is set in the modern era, Jennifer Lopez’s car marry me It has exactly the same vibe as many of the films she starred in during the periods. The pop star learns her fiancé has cheated on her and in a split-second decision she marries a random fan in the audience instead.

Back in the golden age of rum-coms cheese, marry me It features J-Lo and Owen Wilson in roles they certainly could have played in the 2000s. While it didn’t critically set the world on fire, the movie has a comforting feel like many rom-coms audiences have watched over and over again.

Drifting Home (2022)

Many children are flying through the air from Drifting Home

One of the things that people often feel nostalgic about from the past is the wonderland of childhood, and the Japanese animated film drift house Taking the idea of ​​youthful fantasy in every sense of the word. Two young friends meet when their entire apartment building suddenly begins to drift away in an enormous ocean.

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The colors are warm and inviting, and the low-stakes story allows the viewer to completely sink into the comforting nostalgia that the film exudes. While it’s not explicitly set in the apogee, it’s clear from the costumes and technology that the film is reaching back to the bygone days.

Endless Rain (2021)

A woman reading a handwritten letter from Endless Rain

Modern technology has sapped much of the romance out of life, and Endless rain Use the 2000s as a way to recapture some of that romance. An aimless college student adds flavor to his life by writing a series of letters to an old classmate he’s always had feelings for.

Endless rainIts greatest strength is its focus on old-fashioned romance, and the nostalgia is just an added benefit. Korean movie nostalgia is a bit different than your typical American throwback, but the tone is instantly recognizable no matter where the viewer comes from.

Turning Red (2022)

A red panda hangs from a building fire in Turning Red

full of fun moments, turns red She found a clever way to mix nostalgia with an actual coming-of-age story. A young girl living in Toronto deals with the fact that she is no longer a child, and also has to deal with becoming a giant red panda whenever she gets too stressed.

make intelligent comments about mental health and puberty, turns red It is one of Disney’s cleverest films and also one of its most eye-catching. The vibrant fashions of the early 20th century are on full display, and the film’s art design feels like an exaggerated reflection of how audiences remember their youth.

Onwards (2020)

Two elf brothers sit backwards in a truck in the movie Onwards

Slipping completely under the radar upon its initial release, the Disney animated flick onwards Somehow it manages to be a nostalgic experience despite being set in a completely fantasy world. The film follows two young brothers on an epic quest to recover an artifact that will allow them to speak to their deceased father one last time.

The movie’s teenage energy is strong, and viewers who missed it will be able to recognize the growing pains of the two brothers. Not only is the world fun to get to know, but there is a fair amount of idiosyncrasies that hearkened back to the apparent simplicity of the 2000s.

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