10 Times Bullies Got Their Call In The Movies

The topic of bullying is often a sore point for many people. And let’s be real, there’s nothing worse than minding your own business, and getting picked on for no good reason or reason. While we’re not suggesting that fighting bullying through anti-bullying actions is always the best approach, we think it’s okay to admit that when a bully gets what’s really coming to him in a movie, it’s a very satisfying moment.

We’re going to go through a list of some of our favorite times we see bullies get their reward in movies, because sometimes fighting is the only option, and it’s worth taking a look at some of the iconic moments where bad behavior leads to necessity. Archaeology.

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Today’s movie

10/10 Roscoe Akbar – Big Bully (1996)

Warner Bros<\/strong>. “”>

Roscoe greater 1200 x 630
Warner Bros.

Let’s start with a happy ending. After growing up and moving on with his life, David Leary (Rick Moranis) has a run-in with former elementary school bully Roscoe “Fang” Bigger (Tom Arnold). Bigger was Fred Leary’s source of torment throughout his formative years before Leary sent him to juvenile hall. After he regains a job in his hometown teaching creative writing, the enemies reunite, and the agony begins again in the form of pranks, fights, and juvenile chases. However, it all ends well Big bully Where both parties admit they are wrong and make amends. They bury the hatchet, and their sons also become fast friends. It’s a bittersweet reminder that people change, and sometimes a new friendship is just waiting to happen.

9/10 Biff Tannen – Back to the Future (1985)

Universal Pictures<\/strong>“”>

Beef Tannin 1200 x 630
Universal Pictures

Sometimes bullying transcends time and generations, as in Back to the future. We’re talking about George and Marty McFly having a falling out with Biff Tannen. In the original timeline, 1985 Biff was a force to be reckoned with. By bullying George into a subordinate position his entire life, George worked in the present day under Biff at the same company and was often treated poorly. When George’s son Marty travels to the year 1955 in Doc’s DeLorean time machine, George gets so confident that he makes his younger self stand up to Biff, changing time forever. We find out that 1985 Biff is more submissive and treats MyFly’s with respect after everything that’s been going on.

8/10 Scott Farcus – A Christmas Story (1983)

MGM \ / UA Entertainment Co<\/strong>. “”>

A Christmas Story Scott Farcus 1200x630
MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

When it comes to the ultimate bad boy hit, we need to take a moment and talk about Scott Farcus Christmas story. Scott was the embodiment of meanness and often a source of torment for Ralphie, Randy, and the rest of the gang; His menacing laugh was the stuff of nightmares. It comes to a head when Ralphie takes off the gloves, and runs into Scott’s town while shouting obscenities for over a minute of watching the screen. This is a prime example of someone being bullied, saying “enough is enough” and taking matters into their own hands.

7/10 Dean Pritchard – Old School (2003)

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Dean of Old Pritchard School 1200x630
DreamWorks Images

We’re all aware of “The Dean” as the archenemy of college humor movies, but Dean Pritchard takes the cake. While his origin story involves him being bullied, he is anything but humble. becomes the main antagonist in Old schoolAnd the And he’s an overbearing presence for Mitch, Frank, and Bernard, who are just trying to have some fun. Little does Pritchard know, that despite the gang’s stupidity, they are surprisingly good at paperwork, and through a series of games (both physical and managerial), Pritchard is unable to follow through with his plan to vandalize the frat house, is kicked out when he is scammed, and is eventually crushed by a car during Fly fishing. He may not have deserved the last thing, but his downfall was satisfying to watch.

6/10 Everyone Laughed – Carrie (1976)

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Curry 1200 x 630
United Artists

Listen, no one deserves to be spilled pig’s blood during prom. While the titular character in curry She could have been said to have gone a bit overboard, her swipe away. It’s one thing to be at odds with a singular bully, Carrie has been the subject of ridicule for so long, and she’s finally had enough. She unleashes her telekinetic abilities and spares no victim when she wipes out her entire class in what can only be called a full bloodbath. Violence is never the answer, but we’re talking about a classic horror novel turned movie from anyone other than Stephen King, so did you really expect anything different?

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5/10 Dorian Tyrell – The Mask (1994)

New Line Cinema<\/strong>“”>

Dorian Tyrell Mask 1200x630
New Line Cinema

Sometimes, bullies belong in the toilet, and that’s the case for Dorian Terrell the mask. Well, it’s not exactly a toilet, but after the main antagonist of Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey), even having his mask stolen in a scandalous abuse of power, is eventually thrown into a fountain, Ipkiss pulls a flusher out of nowhere, and the mobster meets his death when he moves on. away to a watery grave. Leave it to Jim Carrey to “kick out” the opposition in this 1994 classic.

4/10 Jocks – Revenge of the Nerds (1984)

Nerds revenge
Twentieth Century Fox

Similar to Dean’s story arc in Old schooljocks in Nerds revenge lose it all. Nerds, part of Tri-Lambs (short for Lambda Lambda Lambda), are not only the subject of pranks and ridicule, but violence and vandalism. Jocks lose home in Tri-Lambs, lose college games. Most importantly, nerds get girls, too. This shows you that in some cases, brains win hard. This movie shows the viewer that even if you’re a nerd, you still have the right to stand up for yourself and show the bully who’s boss.

3/10 Miss Trunchbull – Matilda (1996)

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Lady Trunchbull Matilda 1200x630
Sony Pictures launch

if you think about it, Matilda Somewhat like curry. The only difference is that Matilda’s telekinetic powers are less violent, and more slapstick. Agatha Trunchbull is the main antagonist in this movie, and she is the embodiment of doom. Her actions throughout the movie are unforgivable as she picks on young children. But she gets what’s coming to her when she completely loses her sanity, runs away at the school as Matilda uses her powers to manipulate her surroundings, and it all ends in satisfying fashion when he gets pelted with the contents of every student’s lunch. Square before escaping from school.

2/10 Baxter Cain – Biscuit Ball (1998)

Universal Pictures<\/strong>“”>

Baxter Kane Basketball 1200 x 630
Universal Pictures

Baxter Kane is the rich guy you love to hate Baseketball. His rap sheet is a mile long, and includes extortion, turning Coop and Reemer against each other, opening a merchandise store in Calcutta that exploits child labour, and trying to steal The Beers (the team of Coop and Reemer) out from under them through shady business practices. When the Beers win the Denslow Cup, Cain gets a sense of what happens when he loses the team, the girl, and the respect of the business community in one fell swoop.

1/10 Hans – Frozen (2013)

Walt Disney Studios<\/strong> moving pictures<\/strong>“”>

Hans Frozen 1200x630
Walt Disney Studios moving pictures

In the frozen universe, Hans is the ultimate antagonist. He is arrogant, power-hungry, and preys on the naïve, all in order to become king. He appears charming and sweet at first, but we soon discover that he is a manipulative character. But his rise to power was only thwarted before he was arrested and sent home, where the punishment is unclear, but we all know he will get what he deserves.

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