10 worst things about recent Disney movies

Few production companies are bigger than Disney, and even fewer can compete with their movie production. Disney has been creating movies and TV series since the early 1930s, and the volume of their content continues to increase over time. For Disney fans, quality is sometimes called into question over quantity.

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As times change, it’s only plausible that the film industry will do so too. Modern Disney movies are created for a new audience, but they don’t always hold up when compared to classic fan favorites. This could be for a number of reasons, from recycled content to not-so-fun characters, but there are a few things that modern movies just don’t leave their mark on.

10/10 Many of Disney’s new plots are predictable

Raya in the Jungle in Raya and the Last Dragon.

Most of the new Disney movies have a predictable plot. These stories are designed to be family friendly and fun, which isn’t a bad thing, but this also allows the narrative to become so dry that the audience knows what’s going to happen next. There is no doubt that the champion will succeed at the end of the day.

Take the last movie Raya and the last dragon, has a similar storyline to the previous films, where the main character must stop an evil threat for the sake of her world. When an idea is too familiar, as it is in Disney, it allows the audience to guess the outcome of the story.

9/10 Recent Disney movies are franchise driven

Anna and Elsa holding hands in Frozen.

In recent years, Disney has begun producing franchises of its films. The majority of their recent stories, especially the most popular of them, have a sequel. This detracts from the opportunity to make new and engaging stories. the frozen The franchise is a great example of this, as a lonely story of self-acceptance and sisterly love has since been made into two films, and multiple shorts.

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Frozen’s popularity makes it a great opportunity for renditions, merchandise, and ongoing content. These things continue to increase the popularity of the film, allowing for a cycle of reused source material. The first movie would have been great as a standalone movie, but its success encouraged more content when the resources could have been used to create new stories.

8/10 Modern Disney films continue to reuse old stories

Rapunzel let down her hair from Tangled

Disney has always been a go-to for retelling old fairy tales. These narratives were part of the appeal of the classic films, but they have moved away from this narrative tactic as the decades have gone by. There are endless stories of princesses, their prince counterparts, and the adventures they go on.

One of the latest Disney novels is tangled, Which is based on the story of Rapunzel. The film takes creative liberties with the narrative and introduces new characters to Rapunzel, but continues to follow the same premise that Disney has been using since 1937 when they introduced their first Disney Princess, Snow White.

7/10 Modern Disney films lack a sense of nostalgia

Prince Naveen and Tiana with a hammer, The Princess and the Frog

A subset of Disney’s larger audience are adults who have grown up watching their classic films. Their childhood was influenced by 2D animation and the many musical numbers that came with them. These movies are known to evoke a sense of nostalgia in older fans, and they keep them coming back to Disney.

Modern films lack that gravitas, as they just don’t feel the same way classics do. Times are changing, and as Disney moves forward, older audiences may lack interest in flashier new films. The Princess and the Frog, is a happy medium, as one of the last two-dimensional animated princess stories, while also standing apart from the classic films that came before it.

6/10 Some Disney films do not make use of live-action remakes

Mowgli butts heads with Akeelah in The Jungle Book

While some films are suitable for the live-action world, others are not. Disney has found a new market with live-action remakes, simultaneously introducing new fans to old stories while trying to appeal to an older audience. This is an impressive effort, but some classic Disney stories love it Jungle Book Not suitable for the realism that comes with live action.

animation Jungle Book Features colorful sequences, musical numbers, and iconic character designs. These characteristics added to the film’s popularity, and are absent from the live-action version, where the animals are given more realistic features.

5/10 Few recent Disney films are about growing up

Mei Li in Pixar's Turning Red

Although Disney films are marketed to younger audiences, many of their recent films lack a narrative about growing up. When referring to classics like Peter Pan And the fox and hunter, There are a lot of comments about change and personal growth. In many of the older movies, there was always an aspect of growing up and taking responsibility.

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In contrast, there are only two recent films that come to mind when fans think of stories detailing the hardships of childhood, inside outAnd the turns red, Both are very different stories of young girls going through changes in their lives. Their modern film counterparts often focus on grander adventures or larger conflicts, when audiences would otherwise need a story they can relate to.

4/10 There is a suspicious lack of good Disney villains

Magic of Grandma Mirabel's spirit

Scar, Hades, and Ursula are all household names when someone mentions Disney, but these villains have little competition in recent films. Recently, the main antagonist of Disney movies comes from within rather than an outside force. Charm is a great example of a movie full of conflict, despite its lack of real antagonism.

Charm He plays the missing Uncle Bruno as the villain of the story, only to reveal that he isn’t bad after all. The conflicts then turn to Maribel and her family and how their turbulent relationships affect Madrigal’s gifts. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but many stories, especially adventure-filled ones, benefit from having two opposing sides.

3/10 The new animation style has been overused

Chicken Little and Buck Chuck

There is always a level of excellence in animation, but that is not the case with modern animated films. For Disney, they’ve been using a similar 3D style with big eyes and exaggerated features for over a decade now. The first appearance of this animation was in the 2005 movie, little chickenand Disney no longer.

While the 3D style added a new level of individuality to the character designs in little chicken, The same can’t be said when it’s been reused in multiple movies since. Can include some examples frozen tangled, aAbbreviation II big hero 6, Because they all have distinct personalities that share strikingly similar animations and appearances.

Light years two women kiss

The one thing that recent Disney films have over the classics is the amount of acting they include. More cultures, societies, and ethnicities are shown in the new films, and this is a great step forward. It’s hard to say the same for Disney’s LGBTQ+ representation, though, because examples of characters who are part of that community are few and far between.

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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the movie Light year Many theaters refused to show the film due to the inclusion of a same-sex couple. The scenes of the two women, Hawthorne and her wife, are brief and herein lies the problem. Fans were happy to see this representation on screen, and future Disney films can only benefit from more representation without the brevity.

1/10 There is an abundance of sequels

Buzz and Woody standing and smiling together in Toy Story.

When Films is met with huge success and a supportive audience, the production company will probably make a sequel. Disney is certainly following this trend, with many of their great movies being delivered, even when they aren’t necessary. They’ve recently been reviving older movies in sequel form, such as Incredibles 2 And the Find Dorybut nothing is more obvious than Toy Story.

The unique story about gaming life has now been divided into four films, short films, and sub-films. The franchise should do well to ensure plenty of continuity, but it also leaves little room for anything new and exciting, like the original. Toy Story It was in 1995.

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