12 EastEnders Christmas episodes spoilers

EastEnders Spoilers follow.

It’s the most exciting EastEnders This year’s spoiler report, where we bring you all the rumors about the Christmas and New Year’s episodes.

From Mick’s explosive exit, to Kat’s dilemma and Keanu’s shocking scheme, we’ve rounded up the biggest talking points from Sunday’s Christmas special (Dec. 25), leading up to next week’s New Year’s Eve.

1. Shirley vows to expose Janine

BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron

It’s Christmas morning and Shirley is determined to reveal her identity as Janine but she hasn’t pieced the whole mystery together.

With Linda by her side, they head to The Vic and reconcile with Mick after a difficult few days.

At the Christmas dinner table, Shirley doesn’t give up trying to expose Janine and it doesn’t take long before a vicious quarrel breaks out.

2. Jada is back

Ricky Butcher, Sonya Fowler, Sharon Watts, Jada Lennox, Mick Carter, Janine Butcher, Scarlet Moon, Eastender

BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron

Jada returns to Walford for Christmas and drops a bombshell on Sharon, Martin and Zack.

When Janine sees Jada’s arrival, she is determined to get her away from Linda.

Both Linda and Shirley are surprised when Janine invites them to Christmas lunch, but there is an even greater shock in store when Sharon and Jada interrupt the lunch. What does this mean?

Kelsey Calden-Smith briefly reprized her role as Jada, having previously dropped out in August.

3. Scarlett thinks about telling the truth

Janine Butcher, Scarlet Moon, Eastender

BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron

As Janine continues to ignore all of Shirley’s accusations, Scarlett walks in, horrified by what she witnesses.

Linda goes to comfort her, which leads to a heart-to-heart about how lies can destroy you and how important it is to be honest. Does this push Scarlett to tell the truth?

4. Mick’s exit

Sonya Fowler, Mick Carter, Ricky Mitchell, Eastender

BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron

Mick’s world will collapse around him as secrets and lies are finally exposed, and he is finally forced to confront a harsh truth about his life.

Desperate for answers, Mick demands the truth but Janine flees from Albert Square. Determined not to let her get away, Mick jumps into the car with Linda and follows.

Fans will have to wait and see what happens next, but one thing is for sure – Christmas Day is Mick’s last day in Walford.

5. Alfie’s plan for Christmas backfires

Freddie Slater, Alfie Moon, Eastender

BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron

Alfie is still desperate to create Christmas magic for Kat and the kids by dressing up as Santa and rappelling off the roof of the Mitchell house.

As usual, this does not go to plan as his assistant Freddy gets distracted and Alfie ends up stuck on the roof in the freezing cold.

Inside, Burt lets Phil slip that Kat told Alfie he can stay until the new year, which she tries to brush off as an overactive fantasy..

Later, Phil comes out and sees Alfie stuck on the roof, but will he help him?

6. Phil made some shocking discoveries

Tommy Moon, Kat Moon, Phil Mitchell, Jan Slater, Eastender

BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron

Kat calls Alfie to follow up on his roof fiasco, but there’s more trouble when Phil finds out what’s been going on since he’s been away.

Alfie rushes to Kat’s defense, but ends up making the situation worse as his explanation alerts Phil to the fact that he was actually living in his house.

Cornered in a corner, Kat admits that Alfie was there a month ago while Phil was away.

Enraged, Phil demands that Kat choose her – him or Alfie.

7. Jay proposes to Lola

Guy Mitchell, Lola Pierce, Eastender

BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron

Lola wakes up to find Lexie’s editorial presents and Jay presents her with a beautiful present.

Billy praises Jay for sticking with Paula, and Jay reveals he’s going to propose today.

With Ben’s help, Jay stages an outdoor Christmas miracle and proposes to Lola’s hand in marriage. What would you say?

8. The Fox-Brannings Had a Christmas Day Disaster

Howie Danes, Pearl Fox, Kim Fox, Eastenders

BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron

The Fox-Branning families have a nightmare when Chef Kim takes over Christmas dinner and spoils all the food.

Dennis insists that they and Raymond go to the Mitchells and put themselves at their mercy.

Kim isn’t sure, but Kat and Phil host them, and surprisingly, the families manage to make their unconventional Christmas celebrations work.

9. Scarlett is facing backlash

Eastender, Janine, Scarlett


After the events of Christmas, the repercussions of what happened hit home.

The people of Walford wake up to the confusing news that The Vic has not been opened and word continues to spread about what has happened, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

When the truth about what happened comes out on Christmas Day, poor Scarlett gets a hard deal when she’s the target of someone’s wrath.

With the events of Christmas Day still haunting those in the square, Shirley realizes she made a mistake and goes to make things right.

10. An elephant causes anxiety

Phil Mitchell, Jay Brown and Lola Pearce in Eastender

Kieron McCarron / Jack BarnesBBC

Phil leaves in the aftermath of Christmas Day and Kat and Keanu desperately try to find him.

Kat confronts Keanu, demanding to know what is going on between him and Phil. When Sam eventually finds Phil in the dark at Peggy’s, she is shocked at what she sees.

Concerned, Sam tries to convince Phil to give Kat another chance.

11. Sam confronts Keanu

Sam Mitchell, Eastender

BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron

Sam discovers Keanu talking to Kat and is infatuated. When Keanu leaves, Sam confronts him and asks what he’s playing into with Phil.

After another shocking discovery, Sam tries to get to the bottom of what’s going on with Keanu, but will she?

12. Zack and Whitney are getting closer

Dean Whitney, Zack Hudson, Eastender

BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron

Zack melts Whitney’s heart with a kind gesture and offers to cook her dinner.

Whitney is impressed by Zack’s cooking and they grow closer when he gives her a foot massage.

Chelsea and Felix interrupt and encourage Zack to go with Whitney when she is out of the room. Will he take their advice?

13. Harvey and Jean get together

in Eastender

Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarronBBC

Freddie agrees to spend an evening playing board games with Jane to cheer her up, only to get an invitation from Bobby to a sold-out underground night in Hackney.

Freddy keeps his word and spends the evening with Jane, and Bobby enters as well. However, when Harvey arrives, the boys abandon Jean to attend the party.

Gene invites Harvey and they have a great time together, which leads to kissing.

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