Crow Symbolism: 5 Spiritual Meanings Of This Bird

Dreams are full of clues and information and can be a form of receiving messages or signs. “Dreams are always about unfinished business,” explains Rambo. “Dreams are something we are working through. The mind speaks in terms of symbols.” 

Because the crow is deeply rooted in sacred law, seeing this symbol in a dream means it’s time for self-reflection. “When a crow appears in a dream or as a symbol, it’s asking you to self-reflect where the rules of man aren’t in alignment with sacred law,” says Rambo.

She offers up examples of how you may be out of alignment with man’s law vs. spiritual law: “Maybe you need to stand up when something isn’t right, or maybe you need to ask yourself if you’re treating a situation or a person properly.” 

The color of a crow is important. “Colors are relevant,” says Rambo. “If a crow shows up as a different color, sometimes it has to do with a specific spirit or God trying to speak to them, depending on the pantheon or preference of the dreamer.”

The number of crows in the dream is symbolic, too. “If numerous crows show up as a group. it’s a message to bring your lessons back to yourself and learn more,” explains Wilson. “The crow is always learning from people, places, and other animals.”

If a crow appears in your dream, jotting down your dream (with as many details about symbols, colors, numbers, and context as possible) will help you decipher what it means for you.

Rambo offers up several questions to ask as you attempt to recall your dream:

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