22 amazing behind-the-scenes photos from the 2022 movie set

So it goes without saying that 2022 has been a hell of a year for movies, but you better believe I’m going to say it anyway: 2022 has been a hell of a year for movies.

So, with that in mind, here are some great behind-the-scenes shots from movies released this year that I bet you haven’t seen before (or maybe you did, I’m not sure! Here they are again):


Here we see two accomplished actors looking particularly ethereal during an underwater sequence on set Avatar: Water Road:


And Harry Styles shares a (not intimate) moment with his on-screen wife, Florence Pugh, on set do not worry my love:


Sophia Turner takes up a new hobby on set Take revenge:


While Ana de Armas realizes that diamonds are actually the best friend of the girl in the group blond:


Director Ol Parker, Julia Roberts, and George Clooney laugh on set Heaven ticket:


and Dwayne “The Scorpion King of My Heart, The Rock” Johnson entering the character in his next role during filming Black Adam:


Jordan Peele puts on what is sure to be a nightmare-inducing shot No:


Director Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth take a break to catch a scene on the colorful set Thor: Love and Thunder:


As director Helena Regen Amandla Stenberg and Maria Bakalova show off the reboot while they’re bound by the water on set Bodies Bodies Bodies:


Austin Butler shows director Baz Luhrmann that Elvis didn’t leave the building during filming Elvis:


Jennifer Lopez sits in one of the most stunning dresses you’ve ever seen on film while chatting with director Kat Coiro on set. marry me:


And director Matt Reeves made an interesting note of Robert Pattinson on the set Batman:


Tom Cruise gets personal while looking at a throwback photo on set Top Gun: Maverick:


As this cute dinosaur gets ready for a close-up photo with director Colin Trevorrow on the set Jurassic World: Dominion:


Lonely Wong (Benedict Wong) prepares to fight in a group Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness:


Aaron Taylor-Johnson looks like he’s mean to work on set Express train:


Sterling K. Brown and director Adama Ibo chat (I can only assume how good they look in pink) on set Honk to Jesus. Save your soul.:


Jamie Lee Curtis poses while listening to director David Gordon Green on set The end of Halloween:


Co-directors Daniel Cowan and Daniel Scheinert understand the multiverse on set Everything everywhere at once:


Director Tee West looks wonderfully modern while directing period-appropriate Martin Henderson and Mia Goth X:


Director Tommy Wirkola is preparing David Harbor for some “seasonal hits” on set violent night:


And last, but certainly not least, whatever the issue is here with director Rian Johnson on set Glass Onions: A Knives Story:

Here you are! What is your favorite movie released this year? Share in the comments below!

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