5 Action Movies Filmed During Christmas

Christmas is a festive time of the year when movie fans watch holiday classics like It’s a wonderful life And the Home Alone. However, spectators also enjoy watching action pictures that could be considered Christmas movies, or violent films that take place during the holidays. violent nightstarring David Harbor and John Leguizamo, is a modern example of the funny, action-packed Christmas picture rarely seen nowadays.

Many wondered if it was action pictures with Christmas settings, in particular Die hardare actually holiday movies, but perhaps that controversy can be settled with the following features that prove the movement and Christmas can coexist in a movie.

Video games today

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Reindeer games

Ben Affleck in Reindeer Games

John Frankenheimer (famous for horror films such as Prismatic candidate And the Ronin) directing the action movie Reindeer games, the last of his theatrical features. It stars Ben Affleck as Roddy Duncan, a man who is still days away from being released from prison, along with his cellmate, Nick Cassidy. However, after Nick is suddenly killed during a prison fight, Rudy poses as Nick when meeting up with Nick’s pen pal, Ashley Mercer (Charlize Theron) after his release from prison. Rudy (as Nick) forms a fast-paced, romantic relationship with Ashley until her brother Gabriel (Gary Sinise) and his gang burst into their hotel room, demanding information in order to rob a casino Nick used to work at.

Rudy admits his true identity to Ashley and her brother (along with Nick’s death), but Gabriel and his aggressive crew still expect Rudy to provide them with a map of the casino, so that the con artists can plan their heist. While the movie isn’t very well received compared to Frankenheimer’s best work, the cast of quirky characters is entertaining and there are some great set pieces (including gunplay, fights in the snow, and crooks wearing Santa suits during a casino robbery). Affleck and Theron have good chemistry, Sinise always playing a menacing villain effectively (reminiscent of his roles in ransom And the Snake-eyes), and Dennis Farina has a brief but funny role as a casino manager with automatic weapons and a “PowWow” safe.

long kiss good night

Samuel-L-Jackson-and-Geena-Davis-in-The-Long-Kiss-Goodnight.  Samuel L Jackson and Geena Davis in Good Night

Director Renny Harlin (best known for violent hardcore features such as Die Hard 2 And the Interesting endingHe directed his ex-wife Geena Davis in the thriller, long kiss good night, which includes a schoolteacher named Samantha Keene, who lives with her boyfriend and daughter in Pennsylvania. Samantha is an amnesiac who cannot remember her actual name and what happened to her years ago when she was found on a beach in Jersey. However, she learns that her true identity is Charlene “Charlie” Elizabeth Baltimore, an elite CIA assassin skilled in hand-to-hand combat, accurate with any firearm, can quickly assemble sniper rifles, and quick with a knife (which she realizes when chopping food quickly at home). ).

This movie came before Jason Bourne Film series (also about an amnesiac who learns about his past history as a murderer). Jenna is perfect as an action heroine who can be both stylish and funny, especially with her hilarious starring Samuel L. Jackson as private detective Mitch Hennessy, who helps Charlie discover her true identity. Charly also has some heartbreaking moments (such as being drowned in cold water by an enemy) and encounters another powerful killer with corrupt intentions. Unlike the PG-13 action in the Bourne films, Harlin makes his movie with some intense R-rated shootouts in cold, snowy weather, along with epic explosions and bloody, bruising fights.


Billy in his Shazam form at the grocery store

AC fans may be eagerly awaiting the release Shazam: Wrath of the Gods, but the movie that set Billy Batson on the superhero’s journey is an amazing Christmas watch. set during the christmas season, Shazam! It sees Billy given powers that transform him into a superhero (played by Zachary Levi) and confront Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong). At the same time, Billy is getting used to his new life in a foster family (with his siblings joining the superheroes in the upcoming sequel).

Unlike other action movies that are set during Christmas, Shazam! Its story is actually imbued with the spirit of the season, along with using the holiday to deliver some memorable scenes. There’s an important running theme about family and a sense of gratitude, as well as some strong humor that makes for it Shazam! Perfect watch during the Christmas period.

Die Hard 2: Die Hard

John McClane in Die Hard 2

Die Hard 2: Die HardLike its predecessor, it also takes place during Christmas, as John McClane takes on terrorists who are taking control of a very busy airport in Virginia. The stress of the holidays is evident throughout the film, such as the crowds of people scrambling at the airport to catch their flights, carry luggage, and struggle to make phone calls from kiosks. McClane also has plenty of encounters with bad guys in cold, snowy weather, including a snowboard chase with a slam shoot, taking down a henchman with an ice pick, and fighting the bad guys on the wing of an airplane. Both Die hard The films also showcase McClain’s conflicted, loving relationship with his wife, Holly, along with McClain’s friendship with others (including Powell), making the detective a strong and empathetic human being.

lethal Weapon

Danny Glover and Mel Gibson take aim at Lethal Weapon

While the first two Die hard The films almost took home the award for best Christmas action movie, Richard Donner’s lethal Weapon It came in at #1 and is one of the greatest buddy cop movies ever made. The dynamic partnership between LAPD Sergeants Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is strong because of their hilarious banter and growth in becoming buddies and friends. Unlike the snowy weather in other action flicks during Christmas, the city of Los Angeles in this movie is sunny, mild, and sometimes rainy. Murtaugh’s wife and children bring holiday cheer with a Christmas tree and lights to their elegant home.

Riggs is also seen watching Bugs Bunny cartoons while on holiday when he is depressed over his late wife’s death, while the bad guys (drug smugglers including the menacing Gary Busey as Mr. Joshua) have a nightclub with flashing lights, and the leader of the smugglers says “Merry Christmas” with a stern smile towards a merchant in an early scene. Riggs and Murtaugh get into some intense fights, along with brutal martial arts between Riggs and Joshua in the rain. lethal Weapon It may look like a cops and criminals movie, but it’s a well-structured feature that balances action, drama, and comedy while depicting a convincing bond between two cops who are different but learn to understand and get along with each other.

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