5 great action films about fathers and daughters

There have been plenty of crime dramas involving fathers and sons with uneasy bonds. The same can be said about films with complex father-daughter relationships. Some great examples include Clint Eastwood and Laura Linney in the thriller sheer poweras well as the difficult US President Harrison Ford and his twelve-year-old junior V.I Air Force One.

On TV, there are also some interesting dads and daughters, including larger-than-life Jason Momoa warrior Baba Voss and baby Haniwa on the Apple TV+ series We see. Fathers are typically presented as strong protectors who are willing to do anything to keep their children safe from danger, while daughters are vulnerable but tough individuals who have love-hate bonds with their parents because they want to act independently most of the time. Here are action movies with unforgettable father-daughter relationships.

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home front

Jason Statham and Izabela Vidovic in Homefront

Jason Statham stars in this thriller directed by Gary Fleder (kiss girls) with a screenplay written by Sylvester Stallone. Statham portrays Phil Brooker, a former DEA agent who moves to a small town in Louisiana with his daughter, Maddie. While they are getting used to their new home, Maddie is bullied by a boy at school, which causes that boy’s parents to get into a fight with a moderator. The boy’s mother, Cassie, even has her brother Gator (a drug lord) try to scare off a broker, but Gator becomes fearful for his work when he learns of the broker’s history as a DEA agent, including his removal of an old associate of Gator’s (mob boss Danny T).

Statham has some great fight and shootout sequences in the movie, taking down several evil gang members in gory, old-school fashion. There are also tender moments between Broker and Maddy, such as them riding on horseback together and discussing memories of Maddy’s late mother. Maddie also physically defends herself against a school bully thanks to some fighting moves she learned from her father. The medium does his best to live a peaceful life and protect his daughter from harm.

privilege taken

Brian Mills smothers the villain in Taken 2 and talks to Kim-in-Taken-3

When Taken was released in 2008, not many people thought this movie would be a huge hit, but it actually established veteran actor Liam Neeson as a great action star. The first film stars Neeson as Brian Mills, a former CIA agent who “has a certain set of skills,” and tries everything he can to be a loving, caring father to his daughter, Kim. Mills scours Paris, France to find and rescue Kim after she is kidnapped by Albanian sex traffickers. The second film also involves Mills confronting other Albanian smugglers who intend to kill Mills and his entire family, while the third film is about Mills investigating the death of his ex-wife, Lenore.

While the plots of these films are fairly simple, it is Mills’ skill set that is most impressive (tracking people’s movements, sneaking around dangerous places, taking down bad guys in martial arts fights and pyrotechnics). Mills’ relationship with Kim is also effective given their romantic relationship. Kim gets angry with her father for constantly telling her to follow certain rules while traveling or being around other people, but she learns over time that he wants her to stay safe and be aware of her surroundings. Kim has also evolved as a character, from being fearful and uncertain in the first film, to applying some of her father’s skills in the sequel (such as shrewd driving, secret methods of communication, and tracking her parents’ location in the second film when they are held captive).

Commando and true lies

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Alyssa Milano in Commando and with Eliza Dushku in True Lies

Consider this an action-packed double feature as Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers some of his funniest work and two of his toughest characters. In James Cameron True lies, Arnold plays a US government agent named Harry Tasker, who travels the world taking down terrorists, while also caring for his wife and daughter (who think he’s a computer salesman). Harry’s family learns of his actual occupation when their lives are threatened by terrorists attempting to carry out an attack in Miami. There’s also a stunning action sequence in which Harry’s fearless daughter, Dana, attempts to escape from terrorists and steal the missile control switch, while Harry boards a fighter jet, saving Dana and destroying the bad guys in the process.

in a commandosArnold plays John Matrix, a retired Green Beret who lives with his daughter Jenny in a secluded house in the mountains. Early in the movie, there is a montage depicting John and Jenny’s intimate bond (eating ice cream, working out, and doing everyday activities outside). After being visited by John’s former officer, John assures Jenny he has no desire to work with the Force again, but when Jenny is taken in by John’s former partner turned enemy Captain Bennett, John deftly tracks down the bad guys and gets Rambo out with all the word. of meaning. Style (with lots of guns, explosives, physical fights, and fun ideas). Jenny also gets the better of Bennett when she escapes from a locked room.

Live free or die hard

Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Live Free or Die Hard

the fourth Die hard The feature may be rated PG-13 (while others are R-rated), but there’s no shortage of action (along with another dominant performance from Bruce Willis as NYPD Detective John McClane). In this sequel, McClane is much older (and bald), but his charisma and tenacity as a tough cop are still evident. McClane finds himself working with a young computer hacker in order to take down cyber-terrorists trying to wreak havoc and dismantle the American government. McClane has an effective balance of seriousness and humor like no other when it comes to menacing and taking down bad guys, along with cracking funny one-liners (Yippee-ki-yay).

This is also the first Die hard The feature that focuses more on McClane’s daughter, Lucy, who is initially disappointed with her father, especially after he follows her home and discovers her having sex with a man. However, when she is captured by cyberpunks led by Thomas Gabriel, they see how similar she is to her father based on her stern attitude and loud talk. Lucy and John also have the same fighting techniques, such as shooting a gun from an opponent’s holster and shooting this villain in the foot. Lucy also tells John how many bad guys are left to kill, showing that she still loves and trusts her father in dangerous situations.


Laura Wolverine in Logan

Of all the X-Men movies, this is the most violent (with its much-deserved R rating). Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of Logan/Wolverine is his most emotional because the character is growing weaker and nearing the end of his journey. Despite this, he still shows plenty of fighting chops against those trying to wipe out all mutants (the Sentinels led by Dr. Xander Rice and Donald Pierce). Accompanying Logan is an older and gravely ill Charles Xavier (who has always been a mentor and father figure to Wolverine) and Laura (a young mutant like Logan who has claws but is more agile and recovers faster).

Logan and Laura have an uneasy bond during their road trip when escaping from the Reavers. However, when Logan discovers that Laura is his daughter, he does everything he can to protect her, while she slowly gets used to his company. With Laura and several other mutant children being experimentally used by the Reavers for their own benefit (until they had no use for children anymore), it was difficult for Laura to trust anyone before Logan and Charles helped her. Logan and Laura have some pretty bloody action moments together, especially during the climax in which they both take down several Reavers and fight to the death for their freedom.

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