5 Movies Featuring Peaceful Aliens

Movies tend to reflect societal moods and trends. Science fiction films are no exception to this rule. During the 1950s and early 1960s, aliens were portrayed as hostile creatures coming to Earth to kill people or destroy the planet. It wasn’t until a few decades later that the trend of friendly aliens in movies became more prominent.

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These days, it’s not hard to find science fiction movies that portray aliens as the good guys. While aliens continue to attack Earth in some cases, there are a similar number who want to befriend humans instead. The best movies featuring peaceful aliens make viewers hope something like this happens in real life, too.

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5/5 E.T. (1982)

ET-The-Extra-Terrestrial-e1623484341769 cropped

ET It was one of the first science fiction films to introduce a peaceful alien, and it changed the genre forever. This Steven Spielberg movie is focused on kids but can also entertain an adult audience. ET ends up on Earth and has to find his way home while being pursued by hostile agents.

Fortunately for ET, his new human friends, boy Elliot and his younger sister, will help him get home. The movie talks about the power of friendship and saying goodbye to those we care about. ET is a charming and poignant movie that just because someone doesn’t look human, doesn’t mean they don’t have a big heart.

4/5 Starman (1984)

Starman 1984

Friendly aliens can appear in many different stories, from comedies to romantic dramas. Starman Fits into the second category. An alien is pursued by the government and finds unexpected help in the form of a widow after he assumes the form of her late husband. The romance between the two main characters develops in an organic way, and their bonding bond comes across as genuine. So much so, that the end of the film may make even the most sensitive viewers cry.

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Starman is one of the best underrated sci-fi movies of the ’80s, and it deserves more attention from the public. It shows that love knows no boundaries and can exist even between completely different beings. The movie offers a decent amount of action as well as romance, which makes it a well-balanced story. Karen Allen and Jeff Bridges don’t disappoint in the lead roles, and the chemistry between their characters helps make the story believable.

3/5 Paul (2011)

Paul 2011

Even when the aliens are peaceful, it can happen that they are pursued by the government or other people who wish to harm them. pee It is a sci-fi comedy about two geek friends who meet an alien named Paul when they travel to the United States of America. The movie includes many funny scenes, references to popular sci-fi movies, and excellent acting performances from the likes of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kristen Wiig, and Seth Rogen, who voice the titular alien.

Paul is a foul-mouthed but ultimately friendly man who has been on Earth for decades, being held captive and influencing the world from the shadows until he finally manages to escape. Instead of plotting revenge on those who wronged him, he just wants to get home – but not before going on an extraordinary road trip with his new human friends. Friendship between adults and aliens is rarely done as well as in this film, and together the trio of Pegg, Frost, and Rogen creates an unforgettable team.

2/5 Arrival (2016)

communication between

Finding out whether the aliens who come to Earth have peaceful intentions or not can be a difficult task. Especially if they speak a different language and think in a completely different way than humans. Amy Adams plays Louise Banks, a linguist tasked with discovering a way to communicate with alien visitors, who can best be described as huge, insect-like creatures.

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The film focuses on the relativity of time and offers a plot that will surprise many. The aliens that come to Earth may seem intimidating, but from start to finish, humans are the ones to be aggressive and distrustful of. Other than the main talented human duo portrayed by Adams and Jeremy Renner, Arrival It offers a thought-provoking story that will stay in the minds of the viewers.

1/5 Captain Marvel (2019)

Captain Marvel Scrolls

Many of the MCU films are space-themed, however Captain Marvel It better reflects the way people treat aliens. In the beginning, the movie presents the Skrulls as the villains and the Kree as the heroes. As it turns out later, the Kree are corrupt and most of the Skrulls that appear in the movie just want to live a peaceful life with their families and not be persecuted by others.

Captain Marvel Thus it goes to show that just because someone seems more human than another, since Kree are more human-like than Skrulls, it doesn’t necessarily make them good people. Despite her initial reservations, Captain Marvel and the Skrulls end up working together, side by side. It’s not the only occasion in the MCU when Skrulls help humans. Skrulls disguise themselves as Nick Fury and Maria Hill later work for Spider-Man as well while the real Nick Fury is out of reach.

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