A list of the most sought-after ’90s Christmas movies by state has come out, and I’m freaked out by some of the choices

Every year, families across the country snuggle up and put on their favorite flick. Some families go the traditional route, and watch as Jimmy Stewart experiences the joy of Christmas at the… It’s a wonderful life. Some go for a modern fun like dwarf, and love to laugh and learn some lessons while watching Will Farrell try to navigate the unfamiliar world of New York City. However, many find comfort in ’90s favourites, such as home alone, santa claus, And the The nightmare before christmas. Recently, the most searched ’90s Christmas movies have been ranked by state, and there are definitely some unexpected searches.

There are certainly some of the usual suspects one would expect coming off the list. Santa Clause was the most searched holiday movie of the 1990s, with 12 states ranking it first. In second place was Home Alone 2: Lost in New York which came first in 10 states. However, there were some shocks. Jingle all the way It was the first film searched for in 7 states. The movie is nothing short of a stellar holiday movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. Not exactly a modern classic, but it made a surprising impact, and many people consider it first-rate.

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