A video of Lloris and Griezmann’s reaction when Benzema returned to the France national team looks exciting now

Hugo Lloris And the Antoine Griezmann Karim Benzema reportedly left the France squad before he was ‘happy’ world Cup.

The 2022 Ballon d’Or winner had to withdraw from the tournament due to a muscle injury just days before France’s opening match.

But, Reports in the run-up to the final He points out that Benzema could have stayed with the team after he quickly recovered from his injury.

There were suggestions that Benzema might return to the French national team for the final against Argentina – although this was not the case Didier Deschamps soon laughed.

Now, after losing to Argentina on penalties after an exciting final, New exciting report It was claimed that Hugo Lloris and Antoine Griezmann were “glad” that Benzema had left the team.

Journalist Roman Molina notes that the pair were “happy” that Benzema did not participate in the World Cup because they “did not accept his return in the first place because of their leadership position within the group”.

Croatia - France: UEFA Nations League - League Path Group 1

Is this true?

Although the report has not been confirmed, fans think they’ve discovered a video that suggests Molina might be on to something.

The video shows Benzema’s return to the French national team ahead of Euro 2020. It also shows the reaction of the French players to his return – including Lloris and Benzema.

And fans believe their reaction indicates they weren’t entirely happy with the forward’s return to the fold.

Watch the video – and the reaction of the fans.

Video: Lloris and Griezmann’s reaction to Benzema’s return

Fans react to Lloris and Griezmann's welcome to Benzema
Fans react to Lloris and Griezmann's welcome to Benzema
Fans react to Lloris and Griezmann's welcome to Benzema
Fans react to Lloris and Griezmann's welcome to Benzema


Benzema retires from international football

After France lost the World Cup Final, Benzema announced his retirement from international football.

He wrote, “I wrote my story and made mistakes to get to where I am today and I’m proud of it.”

Benzema played 97 matches for France, scoring 37 goals.

However, he went nearly six years without playing for the national team after being embroiled in an extortion scandal involving former teammate Mathieu Valbuena.

Just before Euro 2020, Benzema returned to international football.

France - Switzerland - UEFA Euro 2020: Round of 16

Will Benzema play with France again?

But newspaper foot market Thought Benzema could reverse his decision to retire from playing for France, the current coach, Didier Deschamps, was replaced by Zinedine Zidane.

Will that happen?

Well, Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos thinks it’s possible.

“I certainly think that Zizou will not only be a good successor, but also the best possible successor,” Kroos said, as reported by Diario AS.

“The big question is: what does Didier Deschamps want? I would say there is a 70/30 chance of Zizou becoming France’s new coach.

“I think he really wants to get back on the field.”

Maybe we’ll see Benzema back in the France squad again…

Training session and press conference in France - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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