Agent Carter and The Winchesters star are landing the next major movie role

Bridget Regan, star Agent Carter And the Winchestershe landed her next major film role in the psychological drama canvas.

to me final dateRegan will star canvas Along with the Marvel star Shield agentsSamuel Rokan as well City on a hill Star Joan Kelly morning showFrom Alain Uy and Bethany Anne Lind from Ozark.

Principal photography has already wrapped for the project, which will mark the premiere for co-directors Melora Donoghue and Kimberly Stockwich.

Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 1,


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The psychological drama will tell the story of two estranged sisters named Marissa Hill and Eve Hill, who will play Regan and Kelly, respectively.

The film’s official synopsis reads: “Pitted against each other from childhood and brought up to believe that true artists are only forged through suffering, the sisters reunite after years of estrangement. One sister learns authenticity and the other repents, but neither escapes the sins of their father.”

Directors Donoghue and Stuckwisch had previously served as music video directors for artists including Cat Stevens—an experience they said heavily influenced their latest project.

Agent Carter


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The director duo said, “We have collaborated on incredible music video projects that opened our eyes to bold and poignant storytelling and inspired us to create our own creative vision. Bringing our directorial debut to life, the experience was fun and exhilarating.”

Bridget Regan is best known for her portrayal of Dottie Underwood in Marvel’s Agent Carter A series in which she appeared in multiple episodes as a former Soviet spy and black widow.

Agent Carter Presidents Tara Butters and Michelle Vazcas The origin of the character has already been described As follows: “Dottie is basically the product of Russian spyware that could end up being Black Widow.”

Regan is currently starring in a movie supernatural Prequel series Winchester.

Winchester It airs every Tuesday on The CW in the United States. Broadcast details for the UK are yet to be confirmed.

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