Amazon warehouse workers vote to strike after striking over ‘pathetic’ pay rise of 35p an hour

Amazon warehouse workers vote to strike after violent strike at four sites over ‘pathetic’ internet giant’s 35p-an-hour pay rise

  • Hundreds of union members voted overwhelmingly to strike next year
  • Coventry Amazon workers are set to be the first to go on strike in the UK
  • The vote follows a series of strikes across Amazon warehouses in the UK

Amazon warehouse workers are set to strike after a dispute over the internet giant’s “pathetic” 35p-per-house pay rise.

Hundreds of union members voted overwhelmingly to strike after protests erupted in Amazon warehouses this year.

Although Coventry, Tilbury, Essex, Bristol, Rogeley and Staffordshire took part in these protests, the GMB union said Coventry workers would be the first to take formal industry action in the UK.

GMB’s Amanda Gring said: “Amazon workers in Coventry have made history – they will be the first to be on an official strike in the UK.

Workers sat in the canteen and refused to work in protest at a “pathetic” wage increase of 35p an hour. Pictured: workers picketing at the BHX4 warehouse in Coventry

They are to be commended for their grit and determination, striving for what’s right in the face of an appallingly hostile environment.

The planned strike is scheduled to take place in the new year.

It comes at a time when many Britons are grappling with skyrocketing energy bills and spiraling inflation.

The GMB has previously said that workers are “seeking a £2 per hour pay rise to better match the requirements of the role and deal with the cost of living crisis”.

Lockdowns began at the Tilbury warehouse (pictured) on Wednesday after workers received an email saying the starting hourly rate would rise from £11.10 to £11.45

Lockdowns began at the Tilbury warehouse (pictured) on Wednesday after workers received an email saying the starting hourly rate would rise from £11.10 to £11.45

‘The fact that they were forced to go on strike to win a decent rate of pay from one of the most valuable companies in the world should be a mark of shame for Amazon,’ Ms Gearing continued.

“Amazon can do better. It’s never too late to avert a strike; you can get around the table with GMB to improve workers’ wages and conditions.”

Following news of the strike, an Amazon spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘We appreciate the fantastic work our teams do throughout the year and are proud to offer competitive pay from £10.50 to £11.45 per hour minimum, depending on that. On site.

This represents a 29 percent increase in the minimum hourly wage paid to Amazon employees since 2018. Employees are also offered comprehensive benefits worth thousands more — including private medical and life insurance, subsidized meals, and an employee discount, to name a few.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that our full time, part time and seasonal front line staff will receive an additional one off special payment of up to £500 as additional tribute.

Rolls-Royce auto plant workers have delivered a deal to the auto plant to avoid strikes

The Unite union announced that workers at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars would receive a “record” wage increase and called off a potential strike.

Unite said workers at the luxury automaker will see an increase of up to 17.6 percent.

About 1,200 Rolls-Royce workers in Goodwood, West Sussex, who help make the Ghost, Wraith and Cullinan, will receive a pay rise.

More than 80 per cent of those working on the site took a ballot to accept the wage deal, which would see a 10 per cent increase along with a £2,000 payout.

The one-year deal would represent an increase of between 14.8 percent and 17.6 percent for the grades of workers represented by the union.

An agreement was reached after workers voted to take industry action if they did not receive a wage increase in line with the cost of living.

Unite General Secretary Sharon Graham said: “This is a first class pay package for the Rolls-Royce workforce.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars are famous and iconic because of the craftsmanship and expertise of their workers.

“For years, workers have been underpaid, but that’s changing — the union won the best pay deal since the site opened.”

A company spokesperson said: “In the course of the normal wage negotiation process, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars was delighted that the Unite Federation had supported and recommended a positive salary deal.

We can confirm that a 10 percent wage increase will be given to all those covered by the collective bargaining agreement from January 2023.

“The negotiations were cordial and constructive throughout.”

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