Avatar 2 producer says scripts caused delays for sequels

Avatar: Water Road It was a project notorious for being delayed. Writer-director James Cameron first announced the sequel to his 2009 hit symbol picture in 2010, with the goal of releasing it in 2014 and following it up with a third Avatar movie in 2015. But every time a release date nears, Cameron announces a new delay, pushing back releases for another year — or several. And it was all jumping on the release calendar before the COVID-19 pandemic halted production and made long film delays and schedule changes a common occurrence.

The reasons given for the delay were often vague. Cameron talked about the “logistical and technical elements” that go into making several sequels, especially after it was announced that there would be two more sequels. Avatar 3, for a total of five films. and the intricacies of archery Avatar: Water RoadAnd the As seen in early behind-the-scenes footage, she indicates extraordinary levels of production difficulty on the film.

But in a recent interview with Polygon, symbol picture And the Avatar: Water Road Producer Jon Landau says production and release delays weren’t primarily driven by the risk of bringing to life the aquatic Na’vi and their detailed whale friends.

“We didn’t have to stay here for the technology,” he said. “I think the first symbol picture Show us that we can be the catalyst to push technology to where we need to go.”

Instead, he says, the delays came because the filmmaking team was determined to get the four scripts planned. symbol picture Supplement written and drafted prior to filming Avatar 2 Until I started.

“We felt that this project was meant to make the story true,” he said. “You never build a house until you have a blueprint to build from. Scripts are that blueprint. So we wanted to wait for all four of these people to be there.”

This decision may be related to the selection of child actors who serve as the main protagonists in the series Avatar: Water Road. The film follows the story of Space Marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), who takes on the avatar body of the Na’vi, a 10-foot-tall native of the planet Pandora, and eventually takes on a local Na’vi woman, Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) as a mate. But in water way, the focus shifts in part to their biological children, Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), Lo’ak (British Dalton), and Tuk (Trinity Jo-Li Bliss); their adopted teenage daughter, Kerry (Sigourney Weaver); and the kids’ young human friend, Spider (Jack Champion).

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It seems likely Avatar 3 — which were shot back-to-back water way – Topics left open will continue at the end of the story Avatar 2and that Avatar 4 You’ll initially complete the children’s story, then jump forward in time to their adulthood. Cameron has confirmed that “Chapter One” Avatar 4 It’s already been filmed, though there’s no guarantee that the story will continue beyond the third movie. Landau cynical reasons:

“There were logistical reasons, it turns out, why we needed to shoot not just the second movie and the third movie, but the first act of Part IV now. We couldn’t wait to do that later,” he said. “So we wanted to put all of that into place. And then we felt like we could be the catalyst again to push technology to tell these stories.”

Landau asserts that “Sulley’s Children” will be the baseline for the Avatar films, and a way to introduce new generations to new places on Pandora, such as the coastal region where water way Happen or occur.

“In many ways they are our entry into the new Pandora world we’re going to,” he said. “It’s a family story. But it’s not only told from the parents’ point of view. It’s also told from the children’s perspective—children who struggle to find their place in life. One feels like an outcast. Another questions her origins, where she came from. These are the things that People struggle with it today – it makes it so relatable. It’s the Sulley kids that we go on our first swimming experience with, in the coral reef. We see it through their eyes. And now, as we graduate through the movies, we’ll create with them as we continue the story.”

Avatar: Water Road In theaters now. The third film is scheduled for release in December 2024, with films 4 and 5 planned for 2026 and 2028, respectively.

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