Avatar 2’s first box office results are unexpected

Avatar 2 debuted with $53 million, and it only managed to take in about $150 million in its opening weekend.

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symbol picture 2 It appears to have performed poorly financially at the box office, despite its massive budget. Much to the chagrin of director James Cameron, who refused to attend the prime minister himself. Projections have indicated that the film may well underperform for its ridiculous billion dollar price tag set by Cameron himself, leaving the future of the franchise in doubt. According to Deadline, the film only made $53 million on its opening day.

previous Disney holiday version, Spider-Man: No way home It grossed $121.9 million on its opening day, for reference, setting records as the second biggest box office success of all time, behind only another Disney film, Avengers: Endgame. James Cameron made public comments regarding Avatar 2Needing to outperform those movies in order to make their money, while also lamenting that symbol picture The series would outpace the Marvel movies if there were an equal number of installments in each property. While the film may continue to collect a significant portion of its overseas budget, there’s no way to know what effect this will have on the planned sequels.

Deadline is also quick to point out that films with huge box office openings are often doomed to sharp declines in subsequent showings, noting that No going home It fell by 68% in its second weekend, which means Avatar 2 She could get her money back after all, only slowly over multiple weekends. Avatar 2 It still beats its predecessor, as the first flagship installment in symbol picture The franchise grossed $27 million on its opening day. Of course, that’s $27 million in 2009, in a movie landscape that was dramatically different than the one we’re in now.

Avatar James Cameron 2

In spite of Avatar 2Underperforming box office numbers, the visual spectacle seemed to be drawing in crowds, with many theaters sold out of tickets, and some still only had seats at midnight showings. Perhaps some of the blame lies with the film’s running time, which runs over 3 hours, giving theaters limited access to multiple back-to-back showings. In addition to these numbers, most viewers want to watch the movie in premium formats, such as Screen X, MX4D, and PLF 3D, in order to achieve the highest quality viewing experience possible.

In this way, it seems that James Cameron should almost be grateful for the decline in sales, because he may have Avatar 2 Such a scene that normal theater experiences just don’t cut it. In addition, water wayThe opening reviews and social media discussions seem to be very positive, providing some immediate, real-time feedback on the overall quality of the movie scene after scene. Even if a film fails to make its money back in its opening weekend, a piece of art of this magnitude could continue to make money for years to come.

symbol picture 2 It may be a cautionary tale not unlike Icarus. Did James Cameron fly too close to the Sun when he set out to make a high-tech movie 13 years ago? Only time will tell. water way Available in theaters now, if you can get a ticket.

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