Bouncer’s partner who died in Brixton crush pays tribute to ‘Ultimate Universal’

The partner of a security worker who died after being shot in a crowd outside a party in London hailed his “absolute universality”.

Gabe Hutchinson, 23, died in hospital on Monday night the second person to die after the accident at the O2 Academy in Brixton, south London, last week.

Writing on Facebook, partner Phoebie Turley paid tribute to him, saying, “I love you with all my heart and soul.”

Mr Hutchinson was working at the O2 on Thursday night when police were called to reports of “a large number of people trying to force entry” to the venue, where Afropop artist Asake was playing.

Gabrielle Hutchinson passed away after a packed crowd at the O2 Academy Brixton last Thursday.

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Gabrielle Hutchinson passed away after a packed crowd at the O2 Academy Brixton last Thursday.

(PA wire)

A stampede broke out outside the venue and a total of eight people were taken to hospital for treatment, three of whom were described as in critical condition.

Rebecca Icomelo, a 33-year-old mother from Newham, east London, died on Saturday and the 21-year-old remains in hospital.

In its initial press release, the Metropolitan Police said another woman died after the stampede. The force later issued a second statement Monday night, updating the name and gender of Gabe Hutchinson.

Senior Superintendent Colin Wingrove, Chief Constable of Lambeth and Southwark, said: “It is horrific news that yet another person has lost his life following Thursday’s events. I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to Gabe’s family at this unimaginably difficult time.”

Partner of security guard who died in Brixton crowd pays tribute to ‘my absolute world’

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Partner of the security guard who died in the Brixton crowd pays tribute to my ‘absolute universal’


Scotland Yard said detectives from the Specialist Crime Command are continuing to work to determine exactly what happened during the incident.

Officers review closed-circuit television and phone footage, speak to witnesses, and conduct forensic examinations.

The force said there was “no evidence of misconduct” by a police officer who appeared to push a woman down the stairs.

Emergency services rushed to the scene and found a number of people with “crush wounds believed to have been caused” on Thursday night.

Video footage on social media showed huge crowds gathering outside the venue and clashes with police.

Asake’s party is partially canceled due to the incident.

A woman hospitalized with suspected internal bleeding told the BBC the next day: “I couldn’t breathe and completely passed out. I thought I was dead.”

She added, “I took my last breath and couldn’t get any more oxygen. I was so scared.”

Asaki wrote on social media on Friday: “My heart goes out to those who were hurt last night and caused any form of discomfort. I pray you get better soon. I’m also in the process of reaching out to individuals.

“I still don’t have the full briefing from the venue management themselves as to what caused the commotion at the entrance to Brixton Academy, but we are grateful that everything was peaceful in the end.

“For my people who enjoyed the beginning of my performance, I am sorry it was cut short.”

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