British Airways is investigating a German software bug after a flight was messed up

British Airways has launched an urgent investigation into pilot planning software offered by German airline Lufthansa after an IT glitch left thousands of passengers stranded.

The airline apologized after dozens of flights to and from America were canceled, including 15 that were due to depart Heathrow on Tuesday. It apologized to passengers who were left waiting for several hours in the departure halls five days before Christmas.

British Airways officials are scrambling to get to the bottom of the problem amid fears of a repeat of the glitch.

The airline uses Lufthansa’s LIDO system, flight planning software that allows pilots to plan routes and navigate in inclement weather.

LIDO is popular among a number of other airlines including Germany’s national carrier and BA’s sister airlines such as Iberia and Vueling, as well as rival Virgin Atlantic. It is understood that other airlines were not similarly affected.

Sources at the BA rejected claims that cost-cutting measures by British Airways were responsible.

The BA said the IT issues were resolved shortly after 8:00 am. But industry sources say the fallout from the crash will likely see disruptions for the rest of the day.

More than 30 flights between North America and the Caribbean were canceled or disrupted overnight.

About 15 departures from Heathrow Airport have been cancelled, leaving thousands of passengers scrambling to book an alternative flight to see their loved ones for Christmas.

It is understood that BA has implemented a “workaround” for the LIDO system while it gets to the bottom of the problem.

The LIDO system was introduced around the time of BA’s merger with Spanish airline Iberia in 2011.

An industry source said: “When I got in, I replaced a number of the old BA systems. It was around the time British Airways transitioned from paper-based flight planning to iPad-based flight planning. It came with iPads

“It has to do with the old BA systems and the way they are connected to LIDO. LIDO wasn’t working, but it wasn’t a problem with LIDO, it was one of the connections.”

This is not the first technical problem to hit the Library of Alexandria in recent years.

In 2020 the company was fined £20m by the Information Commissioner’s Office over a 2018 data breach which saw personal details of 400,000 of its customers accessed by hackers.

BA has been repeatedly affected by systems outages that have grounded flights for hours on end.

The worst in the airline’s recent memory happened in May 2017 when a massive computer system failure stranded 75,000 customers.

Then President Alex Cruz vowed not to repeat the chaos only if similar problems occur less than two years later.

Elizabeth Hurley is stranded in Antigua in the chaos of British Airways

by Chris Price

Elizabeth Hurley has criticized British Airways for “extremely dodgy” customer service after they were “stranded” at Antigua airport without food or water.

The British actress and model said her flight from the Caribbean was delayed by 20 hours and complained that BA did not offer her food, water, a taxi or a hotel.

Later on Monday, Hurley said she left the airport in a taxi 12 hours later without a meal or drink.

The 57-year-old has been delayed as thousands of travelers saw their travel plans upended five days before Christmas after British Airways suffered an IT glitch.

Passengers reported waiting several hours inside the departure lounges after British Airways grounded up to 50% of its flights around the world due to what it initially described as a “technical problem”.

Hurley, who lives in Herefordshire, tweeted: “Still stuck – no food, no water, no hotel. Pretty dodgy service.”

She later wrote: “Still something from @british_airways. Exceptional service! Finally managed to find a taxi ourselves to escape the airport after over 12 hours with no food or water #avoidflying.”

Some travelers said they waited on planes only to be told they had to return to the airport after the problem.

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