Supermarket worker dad reveals how to get 90% off your grocery store

Supermarket worker dad reveals how to get 90% off your grocery store

Some of the yellow sticker bargains Al picked up (Picture: Jam Press/@thepennypincheruk)

A supermarket employee has revealed how you can cheat the system and get up to 90% off groceries – and it’s easier than you think.

Al Baker, 48, from Aldershot, Hampshire, made headlines after sharing how he was living on yellow sticker bargains after his £300,000 debt forced him into bankruptcy, and how he saved £10,000 over two years.

Now the father-of-two – who works in a supermarket as part of his many ‘side hustles’ – is revealing his secrets.

One of the easiest cost-cutting methods for Al was to identify what time he could score discounted items – especially the coveted yellow sticker purchases.

According to Al, who shares money-saving tips on his blog The Penny Pincher, timing is everything if you want to beat the growing demand for low-cost essentials.

He said: ‘You may have to deal with a larger number of rival bargain hunters, but it’s still worth the trip to grab a yellow sticker deal.

“Each supermarket will have different times to cut their clearance food, so it’s always worth asking a member of staff at your local supermarket what time they take out the cuts.”

Al Baker with one of his company vans in their warehouse in Aldershot 2014

Dad Al learned more about saving money after going into debt a few years ago (Picture: Jam Press/@thepennypincheruk)

In the supermarket where Al works, they start the discounts of around 30% at 9am, with the final discounts starting around 5.30pm and hitting the shelves an hour later.

Different departments have different maximum discount rates, so you can enjoy 70-90% discount on your store.

To help you maximize your savings, conquer the competition, and land the best deals, Al has some stellar tips.

Timing is everything

Al says it’s imperative to avoid the rush by arriving early – advising to approach the front of the store when the bargains are in.

He said: “Saturday night tends to be the best night for the large number of discounts, and Monday night is usually the quietest night, in terms of the number of people in the store, so it’s a great time to come in and try your luck.’

Fridays are best avoided as supermarkets are full of shoppers looking to stock up for the weekend.


Having a partner can help tremendously when closing great deals.

Al said: “Take someone with you if you can, then you can split up to try and be in two places at once, as you can often find discounts in separate areas of the store at the same time, and that way you are more likely to grab something in more than one section during your visit.

Yellow stickers bought by Al Baker

Items that can be frozen, pre-cooked or portioned are winners (Picture: Jam Press/@thepennypincheruk)

Protect your hiding place

You might think the supermarket isn’t the place to be on your toes, but with the competition for the best deals heating up, Al recommends keeping an eye on your wares.

“Keep your basket/trolley with you at all times,” he said.

“Unfortunately, I saw a lot of people take a yellow sticker from someone’s cart when they weren’t looking!”

Don’t be greedy

Likewise, the supermarket clerk advises not to overdo it – however tempting the offers may be.

Al said, ‘Take only what you need! I know it can be tempting to grab loads of a product, especially if there’s excess stock of a particular item, but if you’re not going to be able to use it all, then leave some- some so that others can use them.

“It also keeps your bill down and means you’re not stuck with tons of something that could spoil before you use it.”

Buy smart

According to Al, knowing what products you need, what will help you cut costs, and whether you have room at home to store them is key.

He added: “Most vegetables, meat, ready meals, bread and even dairy products such as butter and cheese can be frozen, so this should be kept in mind when examine the reductions.

‘Remember that larger items such as meat joints or large packets of food can always be cut/split into a smaller amount, potentially taking up less space, but also allowing you to use this purchase for multiple meals, rather than just one. . Invest in a supply of freezer bags.

Al advises taking a look in your fridge and freezer before you go shopping, saving you the hassle of a “major reorganization” when you get home.

But the main piece of advice from dad? Al encourages people to be courteous to staff members and other shoppers, making shopping a better experience for everyone.

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