Law & Order: SVU Premiere Recap: Tick, Tick, Boom!

this is Law & Order: SVU Summary of the first show of the second hour of Triple Intersection includes Law and order And the Law and Order: Organized Crime. Be sure to check out our summaries for Parts 1 and 3.

The execution-style murder of a young girl on a New York City street is the terrifying starting point for a joint effort between two officers Law and orderAnd the SVU And the organized crime. The first hour of the crossover event revealed that the girl was Ukrainian and survived the Russian invasion to trade sex shortly after arriving in the United States. And the who – which led revelations SVUBenson & Co – as well Law and orderCosgrove and Shaw and organized crimeStabler and Bell – for a gang of very bad people who do very bad things. (For a full summary of OC, aka Part 1 of Intersection, go here. For a complete summary of Law and orderPremiere, aka Part 3, go here.)

And now that you’ve all been caught, to SVU!

The girl Cosgrove found in the pimp’s house was named Nicole, and she is able to identify Sirenko as the man who stalked Ava the day she was killed. So Stabler, Benson, Cosgrove, and their colleagues raid Sirenko’s home… only to discover he’s escaped and left bomb-making materials in his garage.

They are in an awkward position. Sirenko is not into domestic terrorism. And from what’s out there, they conclude that the bomb is an explosive – and large – designed to do a lot of damage. But the machine went with Sirenko, and they do not know where it is heading. “Call your boss,” Liv tells a New York City official, “and shut down the city now.” Meanwhile, Elliot uses his informant Vince to contact Sirenko and extract him.

Law & Order premiere summary, season 22, episode 1And he is successful! Except that Sirenko makes C.I. go to the basement of an abandoned building where the new foundation is being poured: Once Elliot hears that, via C.I.’s hidden camera, he gives a word to the police to rush in. Stabler ends up in a gun battle with Sirenko. The villain gets away, but not before Vince (as I mentioned, he has a baby face and long hair like Ellie?) has been shot a few times. The young man died while Stabler was pleading with him to stay with him. “He was just a kid,” he told Slootmaekers.

El gets so disengaged, and so frustrated by Sirenko’s loss, that he nearly rips a city official who breaks in and slams the team for still not knowing where the bomb is. But Liv obstructs him, and eventually they realize that Sirenko is planning to blow up a NATO event being held at a luxury hotel in Manhattan. So they evacuated the building and raced to find the device before it exploded.

Shaw eventually finds the device in the garage, and asks Lieutenant Dixon to show him how to defuse it in three minutes or so before the counter goes off. But she asked him and Cosgrove to get out of there, and they did – only to monitor Sirenko’s evacuation with the rest of the crowd. Cosgrove just got his hands on the man when the bomb explodes, knocking Frank and Shaw to the ground… and letting Sirenko slip away.

After Rollins discovers Sirenko, he takes hostage and ducks into a clothing store. But when he tried to get off his back, Stabler hit him the next week and then nearly shot him before Cosgrove intervened, warning Stabler to “ease.” While Sirenko is loaded into a cruiser, Frank and Elliot thank each other for pulling the other out of some severe problems with the use of police force.

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