Harry, William and Charles are still fighting – they don’t get together

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Queen Elizabeth’s funeral has been so intricately planned out decades in advance that it will run like clockwork has long been a life cliché of the British establishment.

Operation London Bridge, as it was always known as Master Plan, began planning from the early days of her reign in the 1950s.

However, on Thursday evening, less than four days before the most important official event Britain has seen in living memory, with the largest gathering of foreign heads of state the world has ever known set to take place on British soil, the plans descended into fantasy. Masquerade dress Prince Harry also appears to have won a fierce dispute over whether he should be allowed to wear his uniform during at least some of the festivities.

The Daily Mirror Respected Royal Correspondent Russell Myers reported Harry will now be allowed to wear the vogue uniform for the Blues and the Royals at a special vigil for the Queen on Saturday.

Myers quoted a “royal source” as saying: “Common sense prevailed. It was an absurd situation given that the Duke of Sussex had served his country and is a highly respected member of the armed forces with everything he did for veterans.”

Britain’s Prince Harry (left), Duke of Sussex, and Britain’s Prince William (right), Prince of Wales, react upon the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II’s casket at Westminster Palace, after a procession from Buckingham Palace, in London in September. 14, 2022.


It will be interesting to see how Harry plays this victory over the establishment. But one suspects that it is somewhat pricey and will do little to assuage his annoyance and anger at what he sees as the institutional cruelty of a palace which, until last Wednesday, had essentially sought to belittle and declare his pariah status by not being allowed to wear a uniform or pay a salute. Property of the Queen as she prepares behind her coffin in London.

For their part, members of the royal family remain nervous about the contents of Harry’s diary, whether or not tact means postponing its publication. The family feud continues, no matter how many carefully choreographed royal appearances raise hopes for a reconciliation between Harry and Prince William.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle inside the Palace of Westminster during Queen Elizabeth II’s stay on September 14.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

“Nothing has really changed,” a friend of the royal family told The Daily Beast in response to a query about the true state of relations between Prince Harry on one side and his brother and the rest of his original family on the other. “It is expected that once the mourning period is over, Harry and Meghan will return to California, his book will be published, and the family will be left here to pick up the pieces.”

Another source told the Daily Beast that there was still “extreme” concern among the royal family about Harry’s book, which contains very damaging information about his father. The source added that while the palace believed it could ignore the attacks of Meghan, who has been largely discredited in the British media who pounced on a series of inaccuracies in her various interviews – and in which many of her supporters put this media hostility to racism – his son’s attack on King Charles would be It has a completely different level of credibility. The final removal will be from the inside.

The palace has, in the past, attempted to portray Harry’s ban on wearing a uniform as a practical and legal matter.

For those who haven’t kept up with the latest British dress code, in the UK only active service members of the military are allowed to wear the uniform. When Harry left the royal family, he was forced to resign from his honorary military roles. It is these roles that technically confer membership in the armed forces to other members of the royal family. Edward, for example, may have failed to train after four months to work in the theatre, but he is Commodore’s Chief of Staff to the Royal Fleet.

There was public astonishment when it emerged that Prince Andrew, a sex-settler, would be allowed to wear his uniform (the Vice-Admiral, in case you were wondering) to attend the Queen’s vigil on Saturday. The palace said this was a “special sign of respect for the Queen”.

Questions about why Harry was not allowed to pay a similar sign of respect, especially because he had not paid millions of dollars to a woman who accused him of raping her, naturally occurred – not least, one supposes, to Harry himself, who was forced to issue a statement in which he bluntly said: “Prince Harry will wear his morning suit all day long.” Events honoring his grandmother. His contract of military service is not specified by the uniform he is wearing and we respectfully request that the focus remain on the life and legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

Now, however, after public disbelief (and perhaps private pressure from Harry and his supporters) comes the most unusual thing about things – a political shift. It turned out that it was the king’s gift to change the rules about military uniforms and who might wear it. As the commander of the army, not to mention the state, this is not a huge surprise.

At first came the tantrums depicted on the basis of the pen, then 100 employees were fired while the Queen’s body was barely cold; Now, the chaotic mess of funeral dress code is another major blow to King Charles’ attempts to portray himself as a pair of safe hands.

There is, of course, the possibility that Harry will have to delay publication of his book, not least admitting the Queen’s death, but no one expects it to be scrapped on the basis of King Charles’ comment: “I also want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives abroad” – Or that messy transformation to let him wear his uniform.

Prince William and Prince Harry walk behind the coffin during Queen Elizabeth II’s motorcade on September 14.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Disagreement will not be easily undone.

No doubt, members of the royal family are delighted that the news is flooded with stories of reconciliation. But step back at a fast pace and ask what really happened? Well, one invalid way of looking at it is that Harry and William were able to breathe the same air on two very carefully orchestrated occasions.

You could have cut through the air with a knife, but fortunately, neither of the brothers was armed.

But the temperature in Windsor on Saturday when the two brothers appeared with their wives for an impromptu tour was well below zero. They couldn’t even bring each other to look into each other’s eyes, let alone put a brotherly arm around each other’s shoulder.

You could have cut through the air with a knife, but fortunately neither of the brothers was armed.

It is possible that William’s zeal in claiming the title of Peacemaker in the wake of the apparition upset Harry. Sources in William’s camp were telling reporters that the joint appearance was William’s initiative even while the engagement was taking place.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, Prince William, Prince of Wales, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, meet members of the public for a long walk at Windsor Castle on September 10, 2022, in Windsor, England.

Kirsty O’Connor / WPA Pool / Getty

On Wednesday, as the two brothers dealt behind the Queen’s coffin, they were side by side but worlds apart.

Harry did his duty wonderfully. He showed no emotion, other than grief over the Queen’s death when he closed his eyes as he stood behind William in Westminster Hall.

If the story of Harry’s uniform reversal is confirmed, and the Palace does not respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment, pressure will be increased on Harry to allow Harry to wear his uniform at the funeral as well.

The problem the palace now faces, if it tries to keep up the ban on Harry wearing the uniform for funeral on Monday, is clear. Charles’ own actions would have belied the argument that, unfortunately, this is not constitutionally possible.

The admirable prospect of Harry wearing the uniform to the funeral itself would be a huge victory for him – and a complete humiliation for his father, the new king, of his own making..

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