Elden Ring would have been better if it had a story - Player Feature

Elden Ring would have been better if it had a story – Player Feature

Elden Ring – did you know what was going on? (photo: Bandai Namco)

A reader is disappointed to find that after beating Elden Ring, even the experts are confused about the story details and its lore.

It’s pretty obvious that Elden Ring is going to dominate the Serious Game of the Year awards in 2022 and I wouldn’t take anyone who said they didn’t deserve it. After three months of struggling, I just beat him and there’s no doubt that he’s an amazing game. Nothing is perfect but I would say I have only one major complaint: at no point did I have a clue what was going on.

Everyone starts out like this with the game, as you learn how the controls and the different systems work, but I would tell anyone who hasn’t gotten into it yet that it’s actually relatively simple. My inventory seemed to fill a warehouse at the end of the game, but it’s relatively easy to figure out how to use all the spells and weapons etc.

The story though… I have no idea. There’s a sort of slideshow intro that talks about the destruction of the Elden Ring and various demigods guarding the shards. It took me a long time to realize that the ring isn’t actually a ring, but I’m still not sure. I think it’s more of a collection of magical runs and the only reason it’s called a ring is because they’re circular?

If you haven’t played the game and think it sounds simple enough, I’d say I was 80% in the game before I even pieced together that much. I still don’t really understand who broke the ring and why, or who all the warring factions are. Or what the Lands Between are (between what?) or where have all the regular people gone (are these soldiers just zombies? And if so, how are they different from animated skeletons?).

It’s not just about having a lot of unanswered questions. There are a lot of characters in the game but it is never made clear who they are what they want. The only time you hear most of them speak is a few minutes before you kill them and there are hardly any regular cutscenes – and most of them are about going up an elevator. .

I still don’t understand who Ranni is or what she wants, or what the motivation of others is. This was my first From game and I heard they were all like that so I just figured I was running out of clues and not tuned in to From’s working style . So after beating the game, I was really looking forward to reading what the experts had to say.

So imagine my surprise when every YouTube video I watched and wiki entry I read was filled with vague guesses, leaps of logic, and an admission that they didn’t really know either. They had thought a lot more about what was going on than me, but nothing was certain and many clues, themselves difficult to pin down, seemed totally contradictory.

If this is how From rolls then who am I to criticize them. I wouldn’t say it spoiled my enjoyment of the game but if Elden Ring had followed a story I could have, even though it was still a bit obscure I can’t help but think it would have been even better .

By Reader Dustan

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