Chiefs win 7th round rookie Jaylene Watson ‘Surreal’ 99 yards – Six Keys Thursday night

In a tumultuous showdown among West Asia’s playmakers, it was the seventh-round rookie who delivered the biggest game Thursday night.

Delayed throughout the game, the Kansas City Chiefs were forever put in front when cornerback Jalen Watson pounced on Justin Herbert’s pass and took it the other way for a 99-yard traffic light in a 27-24 win over Los Angeles. Chargers are on Thursday night football.

“The ball just ended up in my chest and I took it home,” Watson said after the match, which also featured four tackles and one pass breakup. “It was a surreal feeling, so grateful and blessed to be in this situation, I didn’t even know what to do when I got to the end zone, that’s why everyone saw me standing there, but it’s a moment I will never forget.”

Watson ranked 243rd overall in the 2022 NFL Draft outside Washington State, earned a Thursday start for the AFC Champions, and in the eighth quarter of his professional career, delivered one of the most important events of the youth season.

“It was a big and important play,” said coach Andy Reed. “Great play.”

After 17-7 in the third quarter, the Chiefs rushed to tie at 17 on Matt Amendola’s field goal. However, in the ensuing drive, Herbert and the Chargers were driving to regain the lead when Gerald Everett moved in a 26-yard reception to the Kansas City 3-yard line. Gas was released noticeably on the play, Everett was not fired and Herbert returned straight to him. Herbert’s pass was low and Watson jumped on the road before the Faithful Chiefs got to his feet after 99 yards.

It was as big a highlight as it was for Watson, it was also historic. It’s currently engraved in the record books as the longest-running fourth-quarter TD traffic light by a novice in history, according to NFL research. It was also an indisputable change factor, with the odds of winning bosses increasing by 54.1 percentage points, according to Next Generation stats.

Watson played in his first week against the Arizona Cardinals, but Thursday’s prime-time showdown with rival Chargers was the setting for his first NFL start.

“I’ve just been working, and if the time comes when someone falls, I’ll be up and ready, and that’s it,” Watson said.

The time and moment for the 23-year-old came to shine. However, it was a moment Watson said he expected.

“I woke up knowing I honestly would make a choice,” he said. “I just knew, being seventh, after I took my first steps I was going to be testing a lot and early, and I just felt like I was going to get one today, which is what happened.

“I was surprised. I still knew I was going to get one, but I was obviously surprised when it happened.”

More than 73,000 attendees Thursday were deeply shocked when this happened. A Kansas City squad led by league superstars like Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelsey and Chris Jones came to a standstill with the Charger before an initially unknown rookie kicked in front of a Pro Bowler pass and went up for the go-ahead score.

“I don’t even remember what happened at this moment,” he said, “it was all so surreal, I was so grateful.”

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