Each weekly horoscope of one card tarot card for each zodiac sign from September 18-25, 2022

Your one-card weekly tarot horoscope for September 18-25, 2022 is available here with predictions for each zodiac sign in astrology.

We’re in the latter part of September now, and that automatically means a change in what this week’s going on, for a lot of people.

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Whether we’re starting new jobs, or figuring out whether or not we want to stay at our old jobs, this week definitely focuses on work-related scenarios.

The readings of this vary greatly from zodiac sign to zodiac sign, allowing us to see how diverse a group we really are and how our karmic destinies are individual.

For some zodiac signs, tarot cards show that our weeks will be filled with work, decisions, major changes, and things to be aware of. For others, we will be called out for being late, or our stubborn attitude toward getting things done and over and over again.

What’s clear this week is that for many of us, we’re still clinging to summer; We’re not quite used to the speed that comes with the onset of Fall, or the change from Virgo to Libra.

This week is like ‘another hilarious’ for some people; Final understanding of being a lazy summer spot. It’s time to adapt and move on, and while some may not pick it up this week, they will.

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