Nick Saban flashed his horns on Hey Coach before week three

After a one-point win over the Texans, the Alabama head coach is back on his weekly radio show, “Hey Coach.” Check here for a summary of what the head coach of Tide has to say before they host Louisiana Monroe on Saturday at 3 p.m. CST.

part One

Repeating what he said Saturday, Saban had a lot to learn from Tide’s close victory over Texas. “Players should learn that it is important that you pay attention to the details.” He commented that practice and attention to detail is better this week.

“You can win and lose at the same time,” Saban said, noting that Crimson Tide slipped to second in the AP poll behind Georgia. Texas also came out on top after he almost upset Alabama.

– “When I say play smart, I’m talking about basic sharpness. … all those little things that really add up.”

– Saban spoke to the team this week about how the tide used to play better on the road than at home. He mentioned how some players used to think of the match as competing with everyone on the field, not just the 11 players on the field. Somewhere along the way, winning is enough. “They did a better job I think. There were some lessons learned.”

“I’ve cursed this show so many times. Don’t do these things,” Saban said, pointing down, flashing an anti-Texas gesture that might result in a penalty in the game. Saban was captured on FOX cameras last week screaming at a player as Alabama celebrated its near win.

– Saban said players take self-evaluation differently but you can’t be defensive when you’re wrong. “I don’t need to have any conversation with you about why you did what I did. You did it wrong.” The best players can self-evaluate the criticism.

– Saban calls the Monday practice before Texas State “one of the best we’ve ever tried.” The stagnation causing Saban came after Tide was listed as a 20-point favorite.

The second part

– Saban said the pass that set the final field goal for Texas was a flop cover after Brian Branch started cramping and had to be taken off the field. Malachi Moore ran into the field “without knowing the call,” almost resulting in a Longhorns victory.

– Saban said there is a chance for players to take two consecutive vacation days next week.

Saban said he mentioned the 2009 Rose Bowl to the players before the Texans and looked at them like they didn’t remember anything. He used the same mindset when asked if he showed the team any footage from the 2007 upset of their Week 3 opponent, Louisiana Monroe.

– Saban couldn’t hear a “statement” from a caller who said before Saban arrived, it could have rained the plates and glory after his Texas win. Saban said it’s a byproduct of Tide’s success, but no one should be entitled to it.

– “I’ve said it’s the same ‘stuff’, and I didn’t say ‘stuff,’ but we do it every week, Saban said he spoke about the offense before Bryce Young’s late drive that led to Will Richard winning the match by kick.

– Saban joked that there are some players who “won’t name any” who, when he finds out they have “A” and “B” at the team’s weekly academic meeting, wonders how they are so well educated because he can’t make them distinguish between right and left.

the third part

– Saban said that Bobby Bowden offered him a job in West Virginia after his father’s death, during his first year as a graduate assistant at Kent State.

“They have shown tremendous resilience in being able to overcome adversity,” Saban said of his team’s win last week.

Saban said Texas would be in the top half of the Securities and Exchange Commission if they were present at the conference today.

part Four

– Saban said the “standard” he wants his team back to is “something intangible” like doing the basics.

“There are certain things that make up your season,” Saban said as part of his final speech. Players have to make choices in terms of motivating themselves and dealing with the challenges of grinding from week to week. These lessons will help you in your life and in football.

“I don’t think the fans realize how much of an impact they have on the show,” Saban said when he said how recruits inside Bryant Denny Stadium can see the atmosphere that Tuscaloosa brings.

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