A Tui plane landed at around 4.30pm today at Manchester Airport with an overheated engine reported

Plane fire at Manchester Airport: smoke bills from plane’s engine

TUI plane fire at Manchester Airport is over after crew extinguished blaze in front of stunned holidaymakers

  • Emergency after Tui plane landed at around 4.30pm today at Manchester Airport
  • Fire engines rushed to the scene as his engine allegedly overheated
  • Cabin crew reportedly extinguished the fire before emergency services arrived
  • A Tui spokesperson said the passengers disembarked and no one was injured.

Manchester Airport holidaymakers were shocked to see fire trucks rushing towards a returning plane with a smoking jet engine.

A Tui flight landed around 4.30pm on Saturday to be immediately overwhelmed by a fleet of fire engines.

The engines immediately began spraying the right engine with water, producing billowing plumes of smoke before the eyes of travelers in nearby departure lounges.

‘Suddenly just a load of fire trucks appeared and started spraying it with water while we were having a drink at the bar,’ an eyewitness told MailOnline.

“All this smoke started coming out. It looked like one of the engines had overheated.

Witnesses said cabin crew extinguished the fire before help arrived.

A Tui plane landed at around 4.30pm today at Manchester Airport with an overheated engine reported

‘Sitting on the floor waiting [takeoff] and saw a few fire engines and other emergency vehicles go by,’ Twitter user Hannah Evenden said. “They said on our flight that there was an incident with an arrival [flight].’

“Engine fire on stand, it’s out but I imagine there is no runway coverage from the firefighters as they are all at the plane,” added Dutch Holland, another user. .

Meanwhile, rail services will be severely disrupted this weekend as a strike by train drivers coincides with the Commonwealth Games and the start of the new football season brings trains across the country to a halt, and repairers swarm are getting ready to go out for three days from tomorrow.

A TUI spokesperson said: “We can confirm that flight TOM2609 Mahon to Manchester Airport encountered a technical problem on arrival at the stand and was greeted by firefighters.

“The safety of our passengers and crew has not been compromised and always remains our top priority. The aircraft was able to land safely and all passengers were disembarked.

“Any customers who may experience a delay due to this will be contacted to advise them of any changes.

“We understand how unsettling it can be when an aircraft is encountered by emergency services, so we will continue to offer our full support.

“We would like to apologize to all customers for the inconvenience and thank them for their patience and understanding at this time.”

In the latest outbreak of industrial unrest in the industry, members of the Aslef drivers’ union from seven train operators went on strike for 24 hours today.

The travel hiatus comes as an estimated 70% of families have planned or are planning a break after two years of not going anywhere due to the pandemic.

These plans run the risk of being sabotaged by scenes such as those seen at the weekend at the Port of Dover and on the approach to Eurotunnel station at Folkestone.

Savvy holidaymakers could be forgiven for thinking that reaching the mainland by ferry or train would be a more sensible option than braving an airport.

At airports queues in some cases continue to grow outside the terminals and when you return to the UK you may or may not find your luggage.


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