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The first thing I thought while watching Thursday’s Kansas City Chiefs-Los Angeles Chargers game, the first NFL game to air exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, was, “Boy, there are definitely a lot of Amazon Prime Video ads on this game streaming on Amazon Prime Video.” Video, considering I’m paying $14.99 a month to watch this game on Amazon Prime Video.” There have been announcements about the new Lord of the rings turns out, boysand some weird movies with Sylvester Stallone.

To be honest, I was surprised there were no commercials at all. Most streaming services, including TV shows on Prime Video, do not contain commercials. Amazon is one of the biggest companies on the planet; Its founder, Jeff Bezos, has a fortune of $150 billion after the divorce. I thought they might fill the empty spaces built into football games with something unique, something only Amazon can provide, something to convince us that for $9 a month we can get our first football watching experience.

But no: I’m now all too familiar with Sylvester Stallone’s bizarre movie. I guess this makes sense: even though Amazon pays $1 billion a season for exclusive streaming rights TNFNot everyone who watched the game was an Amazon Prime customer. According to the rule, the match was broadcast live In the local markets of heads of state and chargers; Maybe people were watching in bars, which is something I’m told NFL fans do; Hundreds of thousands of people watched on the official Twitch channel for Prime Video. And even Prime subscribers, who basically subscribe to free shipping on Amazon products, may not be aware of all the Sylvester Stallone movies the platform has to offer: Amazon says 80 million households in the US have watched something on Prime this year, but the company has more than 200 million subscribers worldwide.

After all, when you watch a football match on CBS or Fox, they run ads for shows on CBS or Fox. When Al Michaels aired for NBC, he battled through the agonizing summaries of whatever new show NBC was airing; Now it does that for any new show that Amazon airs. (He didn’t seem more excited to read ‘The Battle for Middle-earth’ than to read the ads for it Chicago fire or whatever.)

Readings from Michaels’ half-bored ad were a reminder that this was not a pioneering endeavor. Yes, we’ve been told time and time again that we’re entering a new era of NFL broadcasting, and at some point, we’ve got Long shot of Bezos. (Michaels called Roger Goodell “The Pioneer,” though he’s actually the NFL’s eighth commissioner, not the first, and called Bezos “one of the greatest sports minds in history,” even though he’s a man who founded a bookselling company that didn’t have background in mathematics.) But it was still broadcasting a fairly traditional NFL game.

To be fair, it was a very good broadcast of an NFL game. Lots of people on Twitter complained about her Technical issues with video quality or delayedobservers noted that the sound from The Arrowhead Stadium crowd was noticeably silent. But there were plenty of positives: Amazon has spent a fortune on Michaels as well as Kirk Herbstreet to give them two of the sport’s premier commentators, and the pre-game/half-and-post-game crew includes Richard Sherman and Ryan Fitzpatrick – two recently retired NFL players with Big characters, big brains – they’d obviously be amazing in front of the camera.

There were a lot of bells and whistles. Watching on a laptop allowed access to improved replays and constantly updated advanced statistics, such as how many yards from class receivers they were getting. There was a second broadcast featuring live All-22 clips, player tracking, and staff information, which would quickly become a favorite among football fanatics.

Amazon has also tried to attract young people with an alternative broadcast featuring Dude Perfect, the YouTube hoax group, as well as Kind of a pre-game show featuring a group of people I’ve never heard of before and a dog. I watched Dude Perfect’s 15-minute broadcast, and honestly didn’t hate it – DeMarcus Ware was making a guest appearance; He kept trying to talk about football and the guys kept interrupting him for acrobatics, and at one point, Weir actively berated for providing the analysis.

But none of this was entirely innovative. ESPN has produced alternative broadcasts full of analysis of NFL and major college football games on its networks, including a feed with alternative angles available for broadcasts. Several companies have produced better quality second screen programming than the Dude Perfect TV broadcast, such as ESPN’s Manning-cast or Nickelodeon’s annual interlude game feed. The NFL’s Next Gen Stats website provides the same updated stats for prime-time games that were available on the Amazon portal. The scale and refinement may have been impressive, but Amazon’s broadcast was a set of ideas that other companies had already implemented.

As it turns out, Amazon’s cool new NFL game streaming… is very similar to the NFL game TV stream, except that it now costs $9 per month. Which is very disappointing, because there will be more live sports broadcasts soon. Football has really transformed – you need Peacock or Paramount Plus to watch most European football matches, and soon Major League Soccer will be broadcast on Apple TV+. The MLB already has a weekly game on Apple, and the new Big Ten deal will give Peacock exclusive rights to eight games each season. Even Netflix is ​​considering getting involved in the game. As Alex Kirchner wrote: Atlantic OceanIt’s a future that looks expensive and complicated – and after watching Thursday night’s game, it seems unlikely that it will bring a game-changing increase in broadcast quality. (Of course this is Thursday night Football, which is usually considered the worst football. The Chiefs-Chargers were out; Next week, Amazon will be showing Jacoby Brissett-Mitchell Trubesky. Week 16, will appear Jaguar Jetswhich has been mathematically proven to be the worst possible NFL game.)

Watching a commercial after the ad Lord of the ringsI realized I went back in the evening. I was wondering what Amazon would do to make the football watching experience different. But the experience of watching football was pretty much the same. You won’t get better soccer for $9 a month – just three hours from Amazon telling you why you should keep paying $9 a month after 15 weeks of soccer are over.

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