Thursday afternoon cardinal news and notes

—Prevalence test: Florida by 2.5.

—FSU’s defense felt ready to put Malik Cunningham under the spotlight on Friday.

—Matt McGavik at Louisville Report impressed the cards by one point over Florida.

—A new podcast from Card Chronicle was dropped earlier today.

– Every member of the Tomahawk Nation thinks Florida beats Louisville tomorrow night, and nearly all of them think Noles wins by double digits.

Tommy Mayer (season record: 2-0)

This is one of those matches that made me a little uncomfortable with Malik Cunningham at the helm. However, they give up 200 yards per game on the ground and FSU has three talented backs that can break 100 yards again (see Duquesne).

The Cardinals don’t have the receivers that LSU did, so Seminole’s defense shouldn’t (hopefully) have to double down on an all-American team and will be able to spy on the quarterback as often. Vegas has 3 rough spots in the Seminoles but I think the margin will be bigger no matter who wins.

FSU 38, Louisville 24


FSU are looking for their first 3-0 start since 2015 and they will get it. FSU must control both sides of the LOS in this game and Louisville must have few answers to its three-pronged attack when running backwards.

In defence, Malik Cunningham is sweaty and can be pretty intimidating when he gets hot, but if FSU rushes four times and takes the advantage they should come back to Tallahassee with a comfortable victory which I expect.

FSU 42, Louisville 21

Evan Johnson (season record: 1-1)

Everything seems to be going in the right direction so far this year and in this match. Louisville looked very weak through two games, especially on the ground where FSU excels in attack. Then again, this is a Friday night road game as well as a colorful game. On the other hand, it’s red and the team will wear black so this whole program is clearly a mess.

FSU 35, Louisville 10

Michael Rogner (season record: 2-0)

A few years ago, Cardinal fans online got angry because I wrote in my prediction “I can’t name a single player in Louisville, but I’m sure he’s great”. Based on the thoughtful suggestions I received from #LouisvilleTwitter, I actually came and learned a lot about their platform. Knowles by 30.

Athlone also goes with Florida on a low-scoring issue.

—Chip Patterson at CBS loves FSU to cover the 2-point spread.

Scott Satterfield would like to remind you that tomorrow night’s game is Red Out. This means wearing red.

2 North Carolina will be No. 4 Louisville in a field hockey game Friday afternoon at Trager Stadium.

—Louisville Report Goes behind enemy lines and plays Five Questions with Nole GameDay.

– They ended up dropping the group, but that was probably the highlight of last night.

—ACC Digital Network presents Friday Night Game in video form.

Brendan McKay underwent successful surgery on Tommy John on Wednesday. The former Golden Spikes winner’s new goal is to return healthy for the 2024 season.

Roger Federer calls it a career and I’m not okay.

—ACC Championship updated odds from BetOnline:

FBS sports directors say they want college football overhauled, but not a complete break with the NCAA.

– The Louisville men’s soccer team takes off on a road swing of two games Friday night at 7 against Boston College. Here is a preview.

—Jeff Greer’s latest U of L hoops newsletter focuses on the newly released 2022-23 schedule and also delves into the world of cardinal recruitment.

I’m just breaking my own rule, which I set years ago in my mind, that I’m not going to discuss high school prospects who are just so young. Because I just stumbled upon this article a month ago about Elliot Cadeau, who is number one in 2024, a great player and person, and I couldn’t help but notice the last line of the third paragraph.

“Represented by Roc Nation Sports in the NIL Region.”

Because of the above rule I have, I don’t know anything about Cadeau recruiting. However… Have we discussed the new Louisville men’s basketball department director and his relationship with Roc Nation Sports? This seems to be a not so small connection.

Cadeau, a 5-star goalkeeper, is currently ranked the No. 8 player in the 2024 class by 247 Sports.

—Louisville Hockey League goalkeeper Sasha Elliott was named Defensive Player of the Year by the Division I Field Hockey Coaches Association

– This guy was very good. Excited to see him honored tomorrow night.

The Lexington Herald Leader says the UK needs to make a Mark Stubbs statue now. I support it 100%, just because of how much it would piss off John Calipari.

Speaking of which… Calipari and Kenny Payne sat together Wednesday night and answered questions during the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce event at the Marriott Downtown, where this exchange took place:

– Payne also said last night that it was up to Louisville to continue to end the in-state rivalry from now on.

Nolan Smith spent a large part of his visit on Wednesday with 4-star striker Curtis Williams, who will announce his college decision on September 19. And Louisville appears to be in a very good position with Williams.

– 247 Sports’ Travis Graf thinks it’s up to Louisville and Providence for Williams, and he’s putting his money in the cards.

– Watching a lot of this stuff last night was pretty cool.

The ACC schedule for the upcoming U of L women’s basketball season has ended.

—Good news from Clemson, as Ella Brassie, sister of defensive Tigers star Brian Brassie, has died after a battle with brain cancer. She was only 15 years old.

—Trentin Flowers, the five-star striker in the 2024 class, says North Carolina, Louisville and Florida are the three schools that have been heavily recruiting him so far.

“The schools I have been in contact with the most are North CarolinaAnd the Louisville really consistent now, Florida Flowers said.

Employment Talks Flowers

North Carolina: “This was a really big show. I cried a little when I got that, to be honest; it was just a really big show. Michael Jordan and Vince Carter are some really good shooting rangers who’ve gone there, and even in recent years, Justin Jackson. They’ve got Armando Bacot and Caleb Love are there now and just went to the NCAA Finals.”

Louisville: “This is a special place; it’s really nice there. I visited the campus last year and really liked it. They also have a great coaching staff there. Donovan Mitchell and Harrell Montrezel, along with many other greats went.”

Florida: “I’ve seen the process they did with Scotty Barnes and the freedom they gave him on the ball. They see me as integrated into their attack as Barnes is. They have a great coaching staff that gets the best out of their players.”

Flowers says an official visit to the U of L is “in preparation.”

—247 Sports have updated their rankings for the Hoops category for 2024.

—For Louisville fans in the Denver area, there will be game hour at Blake Street Tavern tomorrow night.

—Very cool stuff from Kianna Smith.

—After two ups and downs for owner Cunningham, the Louisville offensive team is still trying to craft the perfect running/passing style for QB.

—Shopchat says Adam Fuller’s defense will be better against Louisville than the Seminoles in recent years.

Friday night is personal to Jarvis Brownlee’s move from the Soviet Union, and he has no problem admitting it.

The program got several transfers across the board which would eventually end up on the Louisville two-depth chart. One of them didn’t just come from within the ACC, but from a school in their own department in former Florida corner Jarvis Brownlee.

After just three games of the season, Brownlee is already set to face his former side. The Cardinals are scheduled to host the Seminoles as part of the 2022 house opening Friday night. Brownlee has a lot of respect for his former teammates, but he’s not afraid to admit he’s been looking forward to this match for a while.

“I think this week is going to be great. I’ve circled this on the calendar,” he said on Tuesday. “But I love a lot of these guys out there on the offensive side of the ball. They’re a great team, and I’m looking forward to the fight, man. It will be a battle. The competition will be there. I know they will come and target me many times.

“I’m just ready, man. Honestly I’m ready. I’m just looking forward to playing against my guys who still have greatness out there. Shout out to these guys.”

Based on some of Brownlee’s tweets I’ve seen from FSU fans over the past week, I’d say they’ve rotated it too.

There will be no shortage of playmakers in Florida uniforms tomorrow night at Cardinal Stadium.

—The best way to describe this:

– Donovan Mitchell spent some time On the campus of the University of Iona with Rick Pettino earlier this week.

Athletic player Ari Wasserman tells the story of what really happened with Robin Owens’ visit, and then off an unofficial visit to Texas A&M.

News arrived online early Tuesday afternoon that El Campo (Texas) HI’s Robin Owens was visiting Texas A&M this weekend for the Aegis game against Miami. It was then that Owens decided to cancel his visit.

This might seem odd considering that a player of Owens’ stature has almost no chance of visiting Ageland without eventually dropping out. But he told himself that if this became a big deal before he got in the car to go to Texas A&M, the visit wouldn’t happen.

“I don’t know who leaked it,” Owens said. the athlete Tuesday evening. “Someone sent it to me. I was going there to watch a good football match. Some of my buddies play with A&M whom I played 7v7 with but they just leaked it.”

Who are “them”? Owens kept saying “they” leaked it.

He doesn’t know Owens specifically, but he told the coaching staff at Texas A&M he didn’t want it to get to the media — but he did. He remains true to what he told himself. So Owens changed his mind and it is now possible to watch the match on TV.

“I said I didn’t want it leaked,” Owens repeated. “I told myself that if there was a leak before I got there, I wouldn’t attend the match.”

Former Louisville WR player Tyler Harrell missed Alabama’s first two games due to an injury.

—FSUQP Jordan Travis somewhat underestimates his return to Louisville.

—Bill Connelly’s ratings at Standard & Poor’s give Louisville a 42% chance of beating the FFA.

—Florida State 247 contains three keys to Seminole’s victory.

1. Play the damn ball

Not to the point of compromising balance or tempo, but FSU has to do what it does Syracuse And the UCF (There were two programs with quarterbacks in good running and talented running backs…sounds familiar) They did against Louisville: Run the ball effectively.

The Cardinals are ranked 120th nationally in Rush Defense’s success rate of 51.4 percent, according to TruMedia via PFF. Meanwhile, the Seminoles ranks fifth nationally with a Rush success rate of 57.6 percent.

So, yes, this is a favorable match for the Seminoles.

To win, one of two aspects must occur: FSU must operate at an effective rate with Trishawn WardAnd the Lawrence ToafelliAnd the Trey BensonAnd the Jordan Travis Or it will have to confront Louisville with an effective passing attack if the Cardinal loads the running lanes before playing as they did in the second half against the UCF.

The big difference between UCF and FSU, and a testament to Travis’ development as well as an improved receiving team, is that the Seminoles have a quarterback capable of getting the ball in the right spot for 1 on 1 coverage.

Also worth noting: NT Jermayne Lole is out of season. He was arguably the biggest off-season addition for Louisville given he’s filled a huge need, and now it’s going to be a move for this year. It’s a huge blow for Louisville, and it will leave a void in the middle of the defense that the Seminoles must exploit.

Fred Coogill’s lawsuit against Trinity was formally dismissed with bias after his side agreed to drop it.

—Tomahawk Nation chats with our CardinalStrong about the big events for tomorrow night’s competition.

—Finally, the Rutherford Show is back from U of L College of Business Studio this afternoon from 3-6 at 1450 The Big X. You can stream it here.

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