Eurobike 2022 Tech Tidbits: Bryton Trainer, new stages and rotor power meters

Eurobike 2022 Tech Tidbits: Bryton Trainer, new stages and rotor power meters

I still have some minor technical info from Eurobike to sprinkle in some posts. Although not a big show for trainers/indoor bikes from the bigger brands, there were a surprising number of smaller brands showcasing new trainers. Some in the living room, some not. And the same goes for power meters. No major new power meters were announced at Eurobike, but a handful of brands made minor updates to their ranges, including new variants.

Realistically, this is probably going to be quite common for power meter companies in the future, as the technology is unlikely to see the massive changes we’ve seen over the past decade and will focus on more minor adjustments. As for coaches, I suspect we’ll see more in the fall. I think many brands are trying to figure out if 2022-2023 is worth launching one or more new workout products.

Anyway, here’s the first of a few posts with Eurobike leftovers. Even more trainers to dive into, plus other sports tech info.

Bryton’s New Smart Trainer:

While much of the attention on Bryton at Eurobike was on their cycling radar unit that came out of nowhere, they also had a smart new trainer sitting nearby. Like the radar unit, details were hard to find here. However, unlike Radar, I’m apparently allowed to talk about this one. Or at least that’s what my notes say.

This direct-drive trainer doesn’t seem like an obvious brand of another trainer by other companies, but you never know these days. Many sneakers change brands or have a slightly modified case with a different brand.

– Price: $899, cassette not included
– Availability: fall, worldwide (no geographic restrictions)
Connectivity: Simultaneous ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart
Flywheel weight: 6.8 kg (it’s actually reasonably strong for this price)
– Total weight: 22kg (trainer weight)
– Maximum resistance: 2200 W
– Rocking movement claimed: 8°
Status LED: Yes, power, ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart
– Foldable legs and handle: Yes, you can see it can be folded up, with a handle on the top
– Adjustable height: Yes, if you look under the cassette, this support beam can be adjusted like a Wahoo KICKR

As noted, the flywheel weight is 6.8kg, which is a little more than the 5.4kg of the Wahoo KICKR CORE and even more than the 6.2kg of the recently announced Elite Justo. In general, the heavier the steering wheel, the more realistic the feeling of inertia. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

IMG_1050 IMG_1053

I haven’t had a chance to test the whole movement and see how it feels. But, Bryton is definitely going in the same direction as everyone else in terms of integrating subtle moves into the trainer.

Like most things, I’m sure at some point it will meander into the DCR cave for a test. Bryton is probably better positioned in terms of distribution than ZCycle even TrueKinetix for wider availability, although I don’t think we’ll see them join the availability ranks of Tacx/Elite/Wahoo (and to a lesser extent, Saris). These three brands have been around longer and in local bike shops longer, so they have had these retailer/distributor relationships for many years. Still, as always, more competition is absolutely better here.

Stages adds Shimano R8100/R9200 compatibility:


Then there’s Stages Cycling, which has launched compatibility with Shimano Ultegra R8100 and Dura-Ace R9200 cranksets, meaning you can get a Stages unit on top of Shimano’s, in case you don’t want to. pay for Shimano’s power meter (or don’t that’s not accurate). Now, technically speaking, Stages has already been selling the left-side (single-sided) variant of this combo-dish since last fall. This adds the new right side/double sided option.

What is semi-notable is that Stages uses a slightly different design than the older Shimano right-side units. This new design has a bit of a cradle in the back. It’s barely noticeable from the front, but really easily visible when the crank is off the bike and on a stand:

IMG_0945 IMG_0954 IMG_0953

The design was first deployed on the Stages Campagnolo Super Record cranks, where you can see the “arms” extending here:


The new units are priced according to the nifty table below:


Looks like I’ll have a double-sided Stages variant of one of the above cranks to test here in a few weeks and put it through its paces.

Oh, and as some will ask, this Monday I finally got my hands on the Shimano R9200P power meter (i.e. Shimano’s power meter, not Stages’). Testing has already started, with some rides completed. More in a moment.

ROTOR INpower 2022 Update:


In the very minor updates team, we have a minor change from ROTOR, which updated their INpower power meter, which is their single-sided power meter (2INPower is their double-sided unit). The updated model is mostly cosmetic though. , changing some exterior visual aesthetics, as well as some internal components to deal with chipset shortages. However, they said that functionally it is the same and none of the critical components (like the strain gauges) have changed.


So, while it may look somewhat different from the outside, it is the same from the consumer’s perspective. However, the company noted that a new smartphone app is coming later this year which is completely overhauled, both internally and visually, and promises to be (and I quote) “much more stable” than the app. former. The new app also allows for data logging, now including pushing to Strava and TrainingPeaks, as well as editing data fields.

While the power meter wars are largely over, at this point crank manufacturers like ROTOR are making fewer power meters to get someone to buy just their power meter, and more to keep people on their cranks who need of a wattmeter. This means there is no reason for a happy Shimano/SRAM user to switch to ROTOR just for their power meter. But conversely, the lack of a power meter would prevent someone from upgrading to ROTOR cranksets, if they wanted ROTOR.

Still, ROTOR has historically gone above and beyond in application metrics for its power meters, with all sorts of advanced pedaling efficiency bits. None of these metrics are built into the head units (except for a very unique force-vector Polar integration that’s now discontinued), but they were there for those who wanted them on their phones.

In any case, the new ROTOR INpower Road 2022 should be available from July 25, 2022 from a price of 499EUR.

With that, thanks for reading and stay tuned for lots more!

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