Yoga instructor Adam Levine says he treated her like ‘used trash’ after texting

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The yoga instructor who claimed Adam Levine sent her a flirtatious text years ago, speaks up and criticizes Levine.

In a new interview, Alanna Zabel, now 49, described the way the “Sugar” singer treated her as “used trash.”

“It’s not about a love affair or a saucy text, it’s about being a decent human being,” she told the Daily Mail. “Friends don’t treat each other like second-hand trash, and that’s how he treated me.”

The yoga instructor worked with Levine between 2007 and 2010. During that time, Zabel said she received a text message from the musician saying he wanted to “spend the day with you naked.”

Alanna Zabel, a former yoga teacher at Adam Levine, spoke about her experiences with the musician.
(MB/Mega for Fox News Digital)

Adam Levine accused of sending stray texts to 20-year-old: ‘I knew it was weird’

She also said that Levine bragged to her friends that she was “the best in town and he was cute.” After Levine sent the text, Zabel’s friend at the time saw it and allegedly broke her wrist.

Zabel claimed that Levine knew her boyfriend had become abusive.

“[Levine] I knew what I was going through with my boyfriend who became abusive, and instead of replying to my message, he simply cut my eyes off.”

The yoga teacher emphasized that she was not looking for “fifteen minutes of fame” and simply wanted to step up after other women started talking about their experiences with Maroon 5.

“When I found out that Adam asked this influencer if he could name his child after her, I saw him in a completely different light and decided it was finally time to share this,” she said. “If I wanted to get fifteen minutes of fame, I would have announced this a very long time ago.

“Endure this pain as long as it took too much valuable energy to hold on to, and in order to heal, we need to let them go.”

Alana Zabel claimed that Adam Levine treated her like her

Alana Zabel claimed that Adam Levine treated her like “used trash” after he sent her a cute text message.
(MB/Mega for Fox News Digital)

Alana Zabel was photographed one day after claiming that Adam Levine sent her an inappropriate message.

Alana Zabel was photographed one day after claiming that Adam Levine sent her an inappropriate message.
(MB/Mega for Fox News Digital)

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The yoga teacher also claimed to have felt “snow” by Levine.

“I felt like we cared about each other, and it snowed me during a very upsetting time,” Zabel said.

Shortly after Levine sent the text to Zabel, the yoga teacher claimed that she was pulled from the upcoming Maroon 5 tour.

Her advice to Levine is to be a “role model” for his children.

“It’s simple,” Zabel said. “Don’t be an idiot.” “Do not treat women as if they are disposable, or that their value is based solely on their appearance, and for them, please be role models for young girls. Children learn much more from what they see than what they are told.”

Five women have come forward and accused Levine of sending flirtatious or inappropriate text messages, including Instagram model Sumner Stroh. The model claimed to have had a year-long relationship with Levine, and is currently married to Behati Prinsloo.

Stroh revealed the alleged relationship days after Levine and Prinsloo announced that they were expecting their third child together.

The model claimed that Levine reached out to her randomly months after the relationship ended to ask if he could name his new child “Sumner.”

Sumner Struh, right, charged

Sumner Stroh, right, accused the hero of the series “Maroon 5” of a year-long affair, which he denied.
(Getty Images/Sumner Struh Instagram)

Behati Prinsloo, Adam Levine's wife, has not commented on the allegations.

Behati Prinsloo, Adam Levine’s wife, has not commented on the allegations.
(Garrett Press/MEGA for Fox News Digital)


Levine denied the case on Tuesday, but admitted he had “crossed the line” while speaking to women who did not have a wife.

A source close to Levine confirmed to Fox News Digital, “He confirms that none of these interactions have become physical.”

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