Fantasy Football Week 2 Tight End Preview: Possible alternatives to George Kittel


Our favorite additions to the start of the week were Gerald Everett and Tyler Higbee, and to be honest, if George Keitel is your only tight end, you should already have one of them. But I can understand if you don’t want to play Everett on Thursday because you want to wait on Kittle. I wouldn’t understand it, but I do. Therefore, you will find potential Kittle alternatives in the waiver section later in this article. First, I should probably explain why I’d rather just start running Everett.

This has nothing to do with my level of confidence in Everett. It’s a good stream, but that doesn’t mean a high floor or ceiling. The narrow end position is that bad. It’s just that I’m not sure Kittle has a high floor or ceiling on this offense either.

What we’ve seen of Trey Lance as a bystander is that he can do things on the court and out of numbers that we haven’t really seen before Jimmy Garoppolo. We’ve also seen Lance struggle with throws that Garoppolo and most of the league’s midfielders made seem easier. It’s probably just inexperience, and that shouldn’t be thrown off on a Lance. But with him in the middle we should expect a low-volume offense with passes that are not particularly accurate. Given that Kittle already has to fight Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk to achieve goals, this is concerning.

None of this means that Kittle is really a bust. He hasn’t played yet, and we haven’t seen Lance play in decent weather yet this year. But for what it’s worth, there’s a high chance of rain in San Francisco on Sunday, too.

To be clear, I would still start Kittle on any of the banners listed below if it was active. I wouldn’t do it with very high expectations.

Here’s everything else you need to know about the tight end of week two:

Week Two TE . Preview

The following players are not expected to play Week Two at this time. Here’s what it means:

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Numbers to know

  • 2 OJ Howard grabbed the touchdown passes from Davis Mills, but they were only two goals in the game. It’s worthy of baking, but you shouldn’t start it until it plays more shots.
  • 41% – Mike Jesicki ran a track on only 41% of his dolphin pass plays. It’s just one game, so I figured if you wanted to carry it, Jessica seems to be heading for the waiver wire.
  • 89 Kyle Bates now has 89 yards in three career games against the Saints. It wouldn’t get much easier in the second week against the Rams.

TE . preview

Matches that matter

TE . preview

Wire Waiver Objectives

Week Two Signs (TE Preview)

Projections powered by

TE . preview

Heath forecast

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