Aviation Passenger Charter: summary of passenger rights

Aviation Passenger Charter: summary of passenger rights

This is a summary of your rights when travelling. You can find more details in the Aviation Passenger Charter.

1. Booking and before traveling

Your airline, travel agency or tour operator should provide you with clear and easy-to-understand information about your travel conditions at the time of booking. You should check them carefully.

Airlines and travel agents selling airline tickets must clearly state the total price of all mandatory charges, such as taxes, at the time of booking. They must clearly state any additional costs for optional extras. For example, for baggage allowance or seat selection.

If you have booked a package that includes a flight (such as flight and accommodation or flight and car rental), you will also benefit from both the package and ATOL protection.

Take your ATOL certificate with you.

2. During the trip

Passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility are entitled to free special assistance from the airport and the airline. This includes assistance with moving around the airport, boarding the aircraft and settling into your seat, during the flight, getting off the aircraft and transferring between flights. You do not have to provide medical evidence to prove that you need special assistance.

You are entitled to carry medical and mobility equipment (up to 2 pieces) free of charge, in addition to your permitted baggage allowance.

Airlines are responsible for communicating essential flight safety information in an accessible format, such as Braille, audio or large print.

3. If things go wrong

The information below only relates to flights covered by UK law. To be covered, your flight must either:

  • from an airport in the UK on any airline
  • arrive at a UK airport on an EU or UK airline, or
  • arrive at an EU airport on a UK airline


If you experience flight delays or cancellations, or are denied boarding, airlines must provide you with information about your rights, including where you are entitled to assistance, reimbursement and compensation.

Care and support

If your flight has been canceled or you have been denied boarding and you are waiting for another flight, or if your flight is delayed (at least 2 hours), the airline must provide you with care and support, such as meals and refreshments.

If the cancellation or delay means an overnight stay, you are entitled to hotel accommodation and transportation between the airport and the accommodation.

Flight delays

If your flight arrives at your final destination more than 3 hours late and the delay was caused by the airline, you are entitled to compensation. The amount you are entitled to depends on the duration of the flight and is detailed in the full charter.

No compensation is due if the delay is due to circumstances beyond the control of the airline. Examples of exceptional circumstances include suspension of flights due to bad weather, natural disasters, delays due to air traffic control decisions, birds hitting an aircraft, or political instability.

Flight cancellations

If your flight is canceled by the airline, you have the choice between:

  • a refund, paid within 7 days, and a return flight to the first point of departure as soon as possible
  • to be redirected under comparable conditions

If your flight was canceled within 14 days of your scheduled departure time, you may also be entitled to compensation. This depends on the length of cancellation notice given to you and the options available for another flight.

This is detailed in the full charter.

Compensation is not due if the cancellation is due to circumstances beyond the airline’s control, such as bad weather, natural disasters, delays due to air traffic control rulings, birds hitting an airplane or political instability.

Denied boarding

If you are not allowed to board the flight you have booked, for example due to airline overbooking, the airline must give you the choice between:

  • a refund within 7 days
  • to be redirected under comparable conditions

You will also be entitled to compensation.

This is different from being denied boarding for reasonable reasons, such as disruptive behavior or incorrect documentation.

Lost, damaged or delayed baggage

Airlines are responsible for lost or damaged baggage, depending on the value of your baggage.

If your luggage is delayed while you are away from home, most airlines will reimburse you for the essential items you need, but check with your airline.

Damage or loss of mobility equipment

If your wheelchair or other mobility equipment is lost or damaged during the trip, the airline must provide you with compensation. You may also receive temporary equipment or arrangements made for your onward transportation.

Insolvency of an airline or tour operator

If you have ATOL protection and have not yet travelled, you may be able to apply to the CAA for a refund under the ATOL scheme. If you are abroad at the time of failure, the CAA will help you return home to the UK.

If you don’t have ATOL protection and you booked with a credit card and the payment was over £100, you may be eligible for financial loss protection under the Credit Card Act. consumption.

Alternatively, this may be covered by your travel insurance.

Solve problems and how to file a complaint

If you believe that your airline or airport has failed to meet its responsibilities, you should complain to them directly through their website, phone lines or app.

If you have already lodged a complaint with the airport or airline and are not satisfied with the response, you can refer your complaint to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider if they are a member or, failing that, to the CAA or the Consumer Council for thefts. to and from Northern Ireland.

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