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Early signs of attack on titan’s new position | Big Blue View

It was a day when the Titans’ offensive streak ran so well and Saquon Barkley looked like himself in 2018. In addition, Kafka increasingly used the running pass option (RPO) as the game went on to counteract the Titans’ passing rush, so it was probably part of his 26 pass split -32 because of the decisions Jones made after the hijacker. .

However, Dabol and Kafka’s aggressive offensive philosophy compared to their predecessors appeared in other, more subtle ways, not just the decision to go for two at the end of the game.

A huge fan, Wink Martindale wants you to be part of the culture change

Panthers giants injury report: Giants player Kayvonne Tepodox ‘optimistic’ about playing | Big Blue View

Kayvon Thibodeaux said Thursday that he is “very optimistic” about the prospect of making his NFL debut with the New York Giants on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

Thibodeaux appears to be ahead of Ojulari in his rehab although both were listed by the Giants as limited participants in practice on Thursday. Thibodeaux said on Thursday that he “would not consider it unlikely” that he could play on Sunday.

Two new names appeared in the report Thursday: OL Devery Hamilton (Illness), who did not exercise, and WR Kadarius Toney (hamstring), who was limited.

2022 NFL QB Power Rankings |

Daniel Jones, seeded 28th two-passer of the TD, helped the Giants upset the Titans, but the most telling revelation from his start under Brian Dabul may have been a stark disappointment for Dabol over his selection.

Giants’ Daniel Jones says it’s his job to ‘listen and respond’ to Brian Dabol’s criticism |

The next time the Giants got the ball after being intercepted on the goal line, Jones led a 12-play, 73-yard run, which he followed with a two-point conversion pass to Saquon Barkley. Jones was 3-for-3 for 11 yards, including a 1-yard touchdown pass for tight end Chris Mearrick, in the final drive, as he ran his first for fourth and one.

“It was just a bad decision there,” Jones said of the objection that angered his coach. “You can’t put us in this red zone situation. It was definitely one for us to learn from.”

Week 1 2022 NFL PFT Awards | ProFootballTalk

Coach of the Week: Giants coach Brian Dabol. The Titans let the Giants hang out, and the Giants and Dabol made them pay for a daring two-point conversion that stole the season-opening win. It was the move that made the team buy a new program, and this lays the foundation for more victories. Also, Daboll didn’t panic or give up when his team was 13 years behind.

Eddie George of the 33rd team says Barkley can be the best player in the NFL when he’s healthy, and why he “looks like old Saquon Barkley.”

Notebook: Saquon Barkley focused on leopards, not trophies |

Barkley fumbled the ball at the end of the 33-yard attack in the final Giants attack series. Had the Titans recovered, the Giants’ celebration might never have happened. But the ball went out of bounds, and the Giants retained possession and quickly took the lead in the match.

“I got lucky in this situation, and this could have gone in the wrong direction,” Barkley said. “It could have hurt us instead of helping us. You have to be better at protecting the ball, you have to be better at passing. I still missed some chances there, and left a lot of yards out. That’s my focus, just coming in and seeing what I can do better. I better and when the game comes, do the plays I can make. It might not be 194 yards per game doing, but whatever I can do to help the team win, that’s what I want to be able to do.”

Leonard Williams talks about the need to focus on leopards

Brian Dabol is not obligated regarding the left guard of the New York Giants | Sports Illustrated

When it came time to decide which of the two would be the starters, head coach Brian Dabol and offensive line coach Bobby Johnson went with veteran Ben Bradison. But as it turned out, Bredeson alternated with Joshua Izudu, bringing back memories of the famous former spinning offensive line project Joe Judge, which he mainly ran in 2020. Daboll stressed that Bredeson and Ezeudu had earned the right to the match shots.

“Izudo is a young player we are developing, and (Liniman Ben) Bredison did a good job during camp playing every position we asked of him. So, they both got him,” he said. “They have earned it through their preparation. They have earned it through their habits of practice and they have deserved to play.”

Giants vs. Panthers 2022: What to expect when Carolina has the ball | Big Blue View

The Panthers attack flashed from the potential of being dangerous once it gained momentum in the second half. They have offensive line guys with the ability to open holes in the running game, and the passing game has the ability to capture yards in sprinting positions as well as hitting deep.

Overall, the Panthers’ attack wasn’t bad against the Browns, and speaking of their potential they were able to be just “average” after their terrible start to the game.

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Baker Mayfield: Panthers’ fourth-quarter rise against Browns is a sign of team’s ‘potential’ |

However, the Panthers’ second-half performance is what motivates Mayfield and his new Carolina teammates as they prepare to face the Giants on Sunday.

“Preparing, everything we did before that was spot on. I put an egg in the first half and it went down, and in front of a team that works that way, it’s hard to come back. So the response was exactly what we wanted. Everyone was very self-critical, the leaders put the property on themselves, and at the same time, the players do not lose their heads.”

“(The fourth quarter march), this is the possibility for all of our guys to look at, just everyone doing their job,” Mayfield continued. “We realized that even on some not-so-great looks, we were able to do our plays and do it to a high level. Like I said, there were two completely different teams in the first half and the second half, so everyone does your job. Focus on that, play the next play… and realize That we can be a very good team, confident in that.”

Former Giants coach Ben McAdoo knows how to use RB Christian McCaffrey last week

Giants vs. Panthers, Week 2: 5 Questions with “Cat Scratch Reader” | Big Blue View

Walker Clement of Cat Scratch Reader believes the Giants will win more than the main field advantage/field goal margin. If the over-optimism above doesn’t tell you, I can’t expect the Panthers to win until I see more than one of them. It would be helpful if they looked like they were on purpose, too.

The truth is that the Giants were built to take advantage of the Leopards’ weakness in running defense. This already indicates a long day. Does it match the offensive and defense units and special teams still trying to put their feet up under coaching staff with a focus on the upcoming gig this season? Well, the only eternal springs our hope has known for a while are the leaks that started showing up when the last management put the franchise quarterback on the ground.

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Steelers puts TJ Watt on infrared with a thoracic injury |

TJ Watt won’t be off the season as he initially feared, however he will be on the sidelines for some time. The Steelers announced Thursday that they have put Watt in injured reserve, where he will miss several weeks with a thoracic injury – which was initially thought to have torn.

Rather than order surgery and off for the season, Watt will miss at least four games and be back before the end of October, a huge victory for the Steelers considering they could have lost their star assists this year.

Lamar Jackson will not submit contract questions for the remainder of the season |

Lamar Jackson brought a bag of popcorn and shakes with him to his weekly media session on Wednesday, promising members of the media if they asked him a good question that they would get the popcorn. Just three questions in, Jackson was asked about his contract and ending negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens by his self-set deadline. Jackson set the record straight – very quickly.

Respectfully, I’m really done talking about it,” Jackson said. “I told you guys before I finished that week 1. Week one is over; we’re done talking about it. I’m focusing on the dolphins now.”

Patriots QB Mac Jones (ill) sits down for training on Thursday before Steelers game |

Mac Jones’ back wasn’t the only source of physical problems this week as he sat in New England practice on Thursday due to illness. Tom Pellisero reports that Jones is dealing with an upset stomach and not an illness believed to be linked to COVD-19.

Jones sustained a back injury when he received a crushing blow from both sides during New England’s loss to Miami in the first week, a blow wicked enough to draw a harsh penalty. An X-ray on Jones’ back was negative, giving him a chance to play in the Patriots’ Week 2 game at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jerry Jones: Jason Peters will play ProFootballTalk sooner rather than later

Cowboys veteran Jason Peters signed after Tyron Smith was injured, but Peters was not yet ready to go in the first week. Jones said Peters should be ready soon, though it’s unclear who the left-footed tackle will be initially.

“It depends on his evolution with his conditioning,” Jones said of Peters. “He didn’t have camp, but, boy, I’m glad we got him. We’ll have a place for him. There’s no doubt we’ll use him, before we go out and maybe sooner rather than later. But, again, I won’t be more specific, but he can play Both interventions.

Star Leo suffers from an ankle injury Pro Football Network

Detroit Lions star running back D’Andre Swift did not train on Wednesday with an ankle injury, a development that significantly affects their attack.

Swift faltered after being knocked off the court during the Lions’ loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. In that game, he sped for 144 yards in a career high on 15 gigs. There is concern that this injury could sideline or restrict Swift this week against Washington’s leaders.

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