Kelly was convicted of six counts in a federal trial in Chicago. acquittal of the co-accused

Singer R. Kelly on Wednesday charged him with multiple child pornography counts accusing him of sexually assaulting his 14-year-old great-daughter on video tape nearly 20 years ago, but juries acquitted him of charges that he conspired with two of his aides to cover up the tapes and to obstruct justice. At his 2008 child pornography trial in Cook County.

Kelly, 55, was convicted of three counts of child pornography and three counts of soliciting minors to have sex, but was acquitted of seven other counts, including obstruction of justice, and conspiracy to receive child pornography. All child pornography counts carry a sentence of up to 20 years, and all solicitation charges carry a sentence of 10 years.

Co-defendants Deryl McDavid and Milton “John” Brown were acquitted of all charges.

The jurors deliberated about 11 hours over two days before delivering their verdict.

Kelly was convicted on three of four counts of producing child pornography by filming himself having sex with his underage daughter, who testified against him under the pseudonym “Jane”. Jurors saw parts of these three videos in court. Jurors acquitted him of a fourth child pornography count that included a tape that Jane and prosecutors said showed Kelly having sex with Jane and his ex-girlfriend Lisa Van Allen, but that tape was not shown in court. Prosecutors argued that because Kelly and his team succeeded in covering it up.

Jurors acquitted Kelly and McDavid, his former business manager, of conspiring to obstruct justice that accused them of tampering with his 2008 child pornography trial in Cook County by covering up sex tapes, intimidating and paying Jane and her parents to keep him. offend her secret.

Kelly, MacDavid, and Brown were also acquitted of a conspiracy to receive child pornography accusing them of attempting to recover and cover three sex tapes belonging to Jane. Kelly and McDavid have also been acquitted of two counts of receiving child pornography, including other allegations that they attempted to recover other videos involving Jane and her cover-up. The government’s case over these charges was based largely on the testimony of Charles Freeman and Lisa Van Allen, who were described by defense attorneys as liars to extort Kelly for money.

Finally, Kelly was convicted on three of five counts of soliciting minors to engage in sexual activity, but was acquitted of two other charges. Jurors indicted him on solicitation charges against Jane, and two other defendants who testified under the pseudonyms “Nia” and “Paulin,” while acquitting him of solicitation charges relating to defendants “Tracy” and “Brittany.”

Jane Kelly was accused of sexually assaulting her hundreds of times after she became her godfather when she was just 14 years old. Prosecutors showed the jury three videos they said showed Kelly having sex with Jane, including one that showed him telling her to lie on the floor while urinating on her.

Nia had testified that she first met Kelly in 1996, when she was just 15, and that they had sex, one at a hotel during his Minnesota concert tour, and the other later that year at his music studio in Chicago .

Pauline testified that Jane introduced her to Kelly when she was just 14, and soon the three began having threesomes, before Pauline began her sexual relationship with Kelly alone when she was 15. It is estimated that she had sex with Kelly more than 80 times. She has 60 threesomes with Kelly and Jane between the ages of 14 and 16.

Tracy testified that she met Kelly in 1999 when she was an off-the-books trainee for an Epic Records executive, and claimed that when she was just 16, she “imposed herself” on her at a downtown Chicago hotel. She said the two later developed a sexual relationship that continued after her 17th birthday. But defense attorneys have questioned her claims, citing an earlier lawsuit she filed against Kelly in which she claimed they met and began having sex in 2000, when she was 17.

Brittany did not testify at the trial, and while Jane and Pauline both testified of having threesomes with Kelly and Brittany when they were just girls, defense attorneys took advantage of the fact that Brittany did not testify herself, asking jurors in closing arguments “Where’s Brittany!”

Before the jury began its deliberations, Kelly’s lead defense attorney asked the jurors to put aside what they knew about the singer before trial, acknowledging that most of it may not have been favorable, and to treat him as “John Doe.” Bonjean said the jury should make their decision based solely on the evidence they heard in the courtroom, not what they might know about Kelly through the media, or what they heard about him elsewhere.

No matter what the jurors may decide, said Bonjean, Kelly has done some pretty nice things when it comes to making music, and he shouldn’t be “dehumanized.”

However, in the prosecution’s argument, Assistant US Attorney Jens Abinging said the evidence was clear that Kelly had sexually assaulted the girls, and the other defendants helped him cover it up.

“What R Kelly wanted was to have sex with little girls,” Abinging said.

Abinging said when the jury considers the case, they should consider who it is at the center: Kelly’s victims. She said they were children when Kelly began sexual relations with them, and a jury should convict him.

“The defendants are guilty of every charge in the indictment. Hold them accountable,” Abenting said.

Jurors heard four weeks of testimony from more than 30 witnesses, and watched clips of three sex tapes that prosecutors say show Kelly abusing his 14-year-old great-daughter.

During the trial, four women accused Kelly of sexually abusing them when they were girls, including the state’s star witness, who testified under the pseudonym “Jane”, telling jurors that Kelly began abusing her after she became her godfather when she was 14 Only, and had sex with her hundreds of times between the ages of 14 and 18.

Jane for years denied that Kelly abused her, but now says Kelly terrorized her and her family, and paid them to keep his abuse a secret. She now says she was the person in the video at the 2008 Kelly Child Pornography Trial Center in Cook County, and told the jury that Kelly taped her onto other videos that were shown in court.

MacDavid was the only defendant to testify at the trial, spending three days at the witness stand repeatedly telling jurors he believed Kelly when he denied sexually abusing girls in the early 2000s, but said he began to have doubts about Kelly’s innocence after Learn new things during the ongoing federal trial.

Kelly has already been sentenced to 30 years in prison after being convicted last year on racketeering and sex trafficking charges in federal court in New York.

Kelly is also still awaiting trial in Cook County in the cases of sexual assault and sexual assault of four women, three of whom were girls at the time of the assault. He also faces charges of soliciting a minor into prostitution in Minnesota.

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