Jurgen Klopp thinks Liverpool must use last season's frustrations to boost them again

Jurgen Klopp wants Liverpool to show ‘resilience and fighting spirit’ ahead of Community Shield

Jurgen Klopp wants Liverpool to get angry and use last season’s disappointment to fuel their bid to topple Man City ahead of the rivals’ first Community Shield meeting of the season

  • Jurgen Klopp says ‘Being angry is important to fight the outside world’
  • Liverpool take on title rivals Manchester City in the Community Shield today
  • Klopp’s side narrowly missed out on the Premier League title last season

Jurgen Klopp thinks a siege mentality could help Liverpool find the extra edge they think they need to overhaul Manchester City this season.

Klopp’s Liverpool side lost just two games last season in the Premier League, but City still lifted the trophy after trailing them by a point.

With City adding England’s Calvin Phillips and Norwegian superstar Erling Haaland this summer, Liverpool cannot expect standards to drop at the champions’ home.

Jurgen Klopp thinks Liverpool must use last season’s frustrations to boost them again

And, asked what he can do to try and keep up with Pep Guardiola’s side, Klopp said: “We had a great meeting where I told the boys what I expect from them. This year.”

“I want to use the unity we have, the atmosphere we have in the team, the experience we have had for better.” It’s like that. We can get closer, we can be clearer in the things we do.

“What happened last season didn’t drive me crazy and neither did the players. Because it’s part of the deal.

“But if there’s anything we can do with it and if we can use it to be even more determined, let’s see.” There are no guarantees for any kind of results.

“Everyone wants to hurt us, win against us, score a point against us. It’s completely normal, so it will be really difficult, but we will try anyway.

Darwin Nunez is set to make his first competitive start in Saturday's Community Shield

Darwin Nunez is set to make his first competitive start in Saturday’s Community Shield

“The things we do are good. Can we do better? Yes.

‘Will that always lead to a better outcome? It’s not possible because we’ve won a lot of games, but in terms of performance we can definitely improve and that’s what we’re trying to do.

“We want to create resilience and a fighting spirit. Being angry is important in order to fight against the outside world at this precise moment.

‘All these things we can do. We don’t know where it will take us, but we know it will improve us.

After losing Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich in the summer, Liverpool’s big signing was Uruguay striker Darwin Nunez from Benfica.

Klopp admitted ahead of Saturday’s Community Shield against City at the King Power Stadium in Leicester that Liverpool were still getting to know their new striker – but predicted City could experience a similar teething with Haaland.

Liverpool missed out on the Premier League title last year despite only losing twice

Liverpool missed out on the Premier League title last year despite only losing twice

“They’re not used to the natural tracks in Erling, just like we’re not used to the natural tracks in Darwin yet,” Klopp said. “When Darwin offers a run, we give him the ball all the time, which is not helpful because often a guy stretching the opponent is there to create space between the lines, that sort of thing.

“I’m pretty sure they will need time for Erling, but that doesn’t mean he can’t score already like he did in the first game he played for them against Bayern.”

‘Most things in town look like they did last year. How they set up the press, how flexible they are in possession. Its good. This is very, very good, but so far no real change is evident.

“For us, we want to be the team nobody wants to play against. But you have to have more regularity and then when you have the ball, you have to create new paths.

“Not to invent something new, it’s not necessary, but to include something new here and there. That’s what we were really working on.

Klopp said on Thursday he thought pre-season had been too short after Liverpool’s appearance in the Champions League final in Paris against Real Madrid on May 28.

With that in mind, Liverpool will play a training match behind closed doors the day after their Premier League opener at Fulham next weekend.

“We did that last year as well,” he said. “We have to extend our pre-season into the season, but most teams will.

I don’t have time today to delve into that. If you ask me that question, I seem like the only complainer or lone complainer around talking about what players need to do.

“I think we all agree, but I’m the only one talking about it. I don’t read the newspapers but not enough people are talking about it. The pre-season is usually too short and that’s why we extend it into the season.

“It doesn’t help for the first games, but it helps in the long run and that’s the idea.”


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