Eagles Mailbag: Jalen Hurts Punishment Experience

In honor of one of the questions in this mailbag, I’m pulling a cliché: You have questions, we have answers.

What is the pun on the name Galen Hurt who hasn’t rinsed to death yet? – Lounes

Using “Hurts so good” is just lazy now, which is kind of funny because Jalen Hurts he is Very good now. The expiration date on anything cool is when a company or team social media account in this case starts using something. The Eagles have used “Hurts so good” along with “Slay so much it Hurts” which calls for a lot of killing, “Hit them where it hurts” which is obvious, and “The truth hurts” which is a bad situation in. So we can retire these.

I think the only title, phrase, saying, expression, expression, etc. that “hurts” or “hurts” and hasn’t happened to death is “everyone hurts”. This one feels safe because a) it doesn’t really make any sense unless we say, he’s throwing a TD to the entire starting lineup, but more importantly b) the phrase immediately mentions Michael Stipe who takes three seconds in a syllable to sing “Everybody hurts,” and if You’re old enough to remember the music video, you’re sitting in traffic. Nobody wants to remember sitting in crowds.

Not a technical question, but I’ll send a larger answer in the mailbag:

I think he is the best assistant coach in the history of the Eagles. I will rank the top 5 assistant coaches as follows:

1. Jeff Stutland, offensive line 2013-present

Stoutland was given first place because he peaked with the Super Bowl ring and longevity because he is his third coach and offensive line is not a coaching position that tends to have a high level of job security when there is a major coaching change. Look around the league at coaches who have had a lot more time than their head coach, and you’re likely looking for a tiered coach or a tight coach. Stoutland continues to produce outstanding offensive gameplay and player-by-player development. Apparently the only reason Jeff Stadland stopped being the Eagles offensive line coach was because Jeff Stautland decided he didn’t want to be the Eagles offensive line coach.

2. Jim Johnson Defensive Coordinator 1999-2008

If you were to make an argument that Johnson should be in the lead, you would get little resistance from me. Andy Reed would go to the Hall of Fame and is the only real QB coach in the league, yet defense was the best unit in the Eagles teams. Johnson has had some great players to work with, but he’s also got a rotating group of supportive players. During his tenure, the Eagles exploded among linebackers, the line of defense was always in flux, and in the four consecutive NFC Championship game that ran from 2001-2004, he had four different secondary players. Change never stopped Johnson.

3. Marion Campbell Defensive Coordinator 1977-1982

Find a good Eagles team and you will find a really good defense. When the Eagles went to the Super Bowl in 1980, Dick Vermeil, Ron Jaworski, Harold Carmichael, and Wilbert Montgomery made the headlines, but their defense led the league in scoring. From 1977 to 1981, Marion Campbell had the top ten scoring positions from the Eagles and was number one in the streak. He had a good group of players, but other than Charlie Johnson and Bill Bergery they didn’t have any stars. He’s continued to put in a really good defense after a really good one. As a coach he was terrible, but as an assistant he was top notch.

4. John Harbo (special teams 1998-2006) 2007 defensive appearance

Andy Reed inherited Harbaugh and then spent eight years giving him a changing squad of players and asking Harbaugh to give him a good special teams unit from them. him too. In those eight seasons, he’s had eight different players replay kicks or double-digit kicks, not to mention the pressures of the cover unit players. If teams weren’t afraid of appointing special teams coordinators as coaches he would have been hired sooner, as evidenced by his appointment one year after being a defensive back coach.

5. John Gruden Offensive Coordinator 1995-1997

I can go a few ways to get fifth. I give it to Gruden because he could have done more with less than anyone here. He got the Eagles attack punch above his weight, in 1996 the Eagles were ninth in scoring, 10th in DVOA, and 4th in passing yards despite being 12th in attempts, his QBs were Rodney Petty and Ty Dettmer, They dumped Chris Jones and Irving Fryer, 34. In 1997 Bobby Hoeing threw 11 TDs to 6 INTs to finish the season. It sounds silly now, but with the 1998 season approaching, he was seen as one of the potential players coming from QB. But Gruden departed to become the Raiders coach this off-season. Bobby Hoying has never cast a TD for the rest of his career.

Honor mentions: Jim Schwartz, who won the Super Bowl; Bud Carson, who had great defenses but also had plenty of talent to work with and Buddy Ryan ahead of him on the depth chart; And Juan Castillo, who did a great job as an offensive line coach and another terrible job as a defensive coordinator. I’ll also point out that the Eagles have hired Syd Gilman, Wade Phillips, Dick Lebo, Jeff Fisher, Tom Coughlin, Bill Callahan, Ron Rivera and Ted Marchipruda at various points in their coaching career, all of whom have had successful assistant or chief coaching jobs. .

How many eagles gear is too much at a wedding? – Tyler R.

If you are not going to be able to kiss the bride or groom, you are wearing a lot. Other than that, it’s your wedding, do whatever you want, although I’ll stay away from face paint.

If you want to do your best, here are some tips (don’t take this advice):

Get married in a Jetro lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was done before.

– Eat your food and drink like a back door, you will save money on the waiter by owning a barrel. In fact, if done correctly, it can be a wonderful wedding. Damn, I’m crazy for not thinking of that for me.

– Take the aisle to the Eagles Fighting Song, sung by all present.

Instead of a veil, wear a helmet with a cage-shaped full face mask.

– Have your bridesmaids wear Eagles jackets like Princess Diana. Have the groomsmen wear T-shirts, if you have five groomsmen, you can either go to the offensive line or all skill center players.

– Place your vows on a playing card the size of Andy Reid, or have your best man or maid of honor hold playing cards like Chip Kelly used.

The bouquet must be cut for the bride before it is thrown.

– Ask the person in charge of the wedding to say “Time is yours” instead of “Now I pronounce you…”

-You have a recording of Meryl Reese that says “THIS IS GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!” When the bride and groom (or bride and bride or groom and groom) kiss. Maybe for the right price he’ll run?

Seriously, midnight green would be a really good color for your wedding.

Which eagle would you like to be your cornhole partner? – Tyler M.

I take Gardner Menchow for two reasons. First, you need a consistent, smooth, precise stir-fry to fluff into the cornhole. This is the kind of passerby who is Mincho. He wouldn’t try to shoot there.

But most importantly, when Jaguar took over Mincho in the 2019 draft… he was playing in the cornhole.

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