King Charles Might ‘Exile’ Harry and Meghan – Here’s Why They’re ‘Unimportant’ and ‘Threat’ to His Throne

Not welcoming his son. King Charles reportedly denies Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. A source close to the new monarch told the Daily Beast about future plans for what the King wants to do with his son and daughter-in-law.

The source pointed out that the abdication of Edward VIII from the throne was a precedent for the reason for the exile of King Charles, his son. “The members of the royal family dealt with the abdication crisis by banishing Edward which meant that he and Wallis eventually became insignificant, misguided, disloyal and even disloyal to almost all of the British people. It was a masterful process in the service of the Queen Mother, in particular, who worked tirelessly.” . The source continued, “The same is already happening with Harry and Meghan, and will only increase in frequency over the next few years under King Charles. Of course, the prodigal second son is less of an existential threat to the fabric of the monarchy than an existential threat to the fabric of the monarchy than being a prodigal king.” “.

Another source who previously worked at Buckingham Palace also revealed the logistics of the coronation and how it would spark further incitement to exile Harry and Meghan. Harry and Meghan will get an invitation to the coronation but they will be firmly seated in the cheap seats with them [Princesses] Beatrice and Eugenie as they were at the funeral. it will be. Charles will be tough when it comes to protecting the crown, and that means keeping Harry and Meghan as far from the center of gravity as possible.”

The exile update emerged after reports of Meghan and Harry’s continuing concern with the royal family following the death of Queen Elizabeth. “Harry and Meghan are still uncomfortable,” royal expert Christopher Andersen told Us Weekly on September 13, 2022. He continued, “We saw that in a recent interview with Megan. It’s going to take a lot, I think, for them to get things back to the way they were, which is sad.”

Andersen points to Meghan’s recent interview with The Cut, where she talked about the restrictions the company had given her before she and Prince Harry stepped down from their royal duties. “There is literally a structure if you want to publish pictures of your child, as a family member, you first have to give it to the Royal Rota,” suits Alum explained about the British press. “Why do I give N-word people a picture of my baby before I can share it with people who love my baby. Tell me how that makes sense and then I’ll play that game.”

Harry and Meghan left their royal duties in 2020 and subsequently moved to California. Although they have appeared on various occasions in the UK such as Prince Philip’s funeral and the Queen’s platinum jubilee, they still have a rocky relationship with the royal family. For the first time in a while, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a public appearance with Prince William and Kate Middleton soon after the Queen’s death. The newly appointed Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex together looked at a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. Kensington Palace says William invited his brother and sister-in-law to join him and Kate. Earlier in the day, William was present to proclaim his father king. The black-clad couples looked fondly at the flowers and messages of support for the Queen and her family. A royal source told Page Six: “We’re all so grateful – both sides put all things aside for the Queen.”

In his statement on Archewell’s website, Prince Harry paid tribute to all the fond memories he had with his grandmother when she was alive. “Grandma, while this last parting brings us great sadness, I am forever grateful for all our first meetings—from my first childhood memories with you, to meeting you for the first time as my supreme leader, to the first moment you met my beloved wife and embraced your beloved great-grandchildren. I cherish. With those times I’ve shared with you, and the many other special moments in between. We miss you so badly, not only from our side, but from all over the world. And in terms of the first meetings, we now honor my father in his new role as King Charles III.” He also mentioned how she and her husband Prince Philip were reunited. “We, too, are smiling knowing that you and your grandfather are now together, both at peace together.”

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