Mike Prever expects Kid York to get a standing ovation for the planes. It could be Jedrick Wills Jr. It’s the best, says the OC: quick hits

BEREA, Ohio – Browns special teams coordinator Mike Prever expects rookie Kid York to get the same reception at First Energy Stadium on Sunday as Machin Gun Kelly did when he played there on Sept. 14.

I’m sure he’ll get a standing ovation out there when he gets out there for that first pat or that first start,” Prevere said Thursday.

It’s not every day that an American football player earns rock star status, but so is York, who prevented Baker Mayfield from taking revenge on his former team on Sunday with his 58-yard field goal with eight seconds left in the game. Brown’s victory 26-24.

York also impressed with a 70-yard field goal in pre-game drills during pre-season, hitting about 68 yards during training camp.

“I think (his popularity) is great for him,” Prevere said. “It’s great for the city. But he has to keep going. I think he said the best he could. If he misses one kick on Sunday, no one will like him. So this is a very fickle business.”

Prevere noted that York, who has ice in his veins, is too mature for a 21-year-old and “he can handle it. He’s a very mature young man who works for him.”

If York continues like this, he said, “The sky is the limit for him.”

He admitted that he was concerned that officials might not fly the flag they officially threw at Jacoby Brissett due to intentional grounding, which would have been a 10-yard penalty and 10-second replay. This meant trying 68 yards and three seconds to pull it off.

“We had to do what we call a referee warning,” Prevere said. So we were prepared for this situation as well. And it turned out there were 13 or so seconds left on the clock (when it lined up). I don’t know how long he would have made it, but he crushed that thing. I have great confidence in that leg.”

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Prevere wasn’t the only coach on the court who was relieved by the epic kick.

“I hugged him after the game,” defensive coordinator Joe Woods said. I was like, ‘I love you.’ “

Priefer on Brownie’s new Elf logo

Priefer is a Cleveland native, so he’s eligible to influence Brownie’s new Elf logo in the middle of FirstEnergy Stadium, which fans voted for.

“Ball safety, it’s bad – it doesn’t cover the ball head; that’s the first thing I think of,” Priver said sarcastically. “His hand is back here and the top of the ball is up. I can’t believe they would put that at the 50-yard line. It wouldn’t be ours back, no.”

Miles Jarrett almost blocked any field goal

Prevere said Jarrett nearly blocked Eddie Pinheiro’s goal from 34 yards with 1:13 remaining in the game that put the Panthers ahead 24-23 with 1:13 remaining in the game.

“He just passed there on a swim and he missed it,” Prevere said. “He went right with his left hand. We had what we should-was-hand.”

So Jarrett, who had two bags and hit a pass, nearly stole York from the Asia Special Teams Player of the Week award.

Priefer’s gamble yield Dmitrik Felton

Priver said that Felton, who gambled wrongly and averaged 5.8 yards on his five gambling kicks, “must get out of his head sometimes.”

He said that Felton “may be trying to do too much. He knows they have to avoid him. He doesn’t have to avoid them. Under the rule, they should give him a chance to catch the ball. Sometimes he tries to do too much before he catches the ball and thinks too much forward – two steps forward instead of one. We’ll take him back a bit.” Ball possession: No. 1 (the thing) he knows, he knows it.

“I asked him at the meeting today and his answer every time was, ‘Possession of the ball, coach. “He knows what I’m going to ask of him. When the returnee or someone in our organization has the ball in their hands, they are the most important person in our organization. I think our guys know that.”

The Browns are training other gamblers and hope they get it right. Prevere said Jerome Ford, who returned the kickoff at 29 yards into the game, was not a penalty kick.

Donovan Peoples Jones gets a game ball

Offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt gave a Donovan Peoples-Jones game ball for his performance against the Panthers. He captured 6 of 11 goals for 60 yards, including a 13-yard debut in the game-winning goal field campaign.

“It was huge,” Van Pelt said. “He’s a big guy, an excellent hand, and really strong on the ball. They were among the biggest plays in the game.”

Van Pelt on Jedrick Wills Jr.

Van Pelt said Wills was a good start, but it would be plump against aircraft and an aggressive front.

“He has to keep playing consistent, but he wants to dominate,” Van Pelt said. “I think there isn’t a lot of better intrusions and he has it in his body. He just has to keep grinding it up. If he wants to be the best, I think there is a chance for that.”

Van Pelt on Amary Cooper

Van Pelt said Brown would do his best to get the ball off Cooper (three catches, 17 yards), but he drew three defensive flags that helped Brown win the game, including a call-up when he was tackled in the end zone by CG Henderson before Catch the ball by Xavier Woods. She moved the Browns to 1, with Karim Hunt getting a TD pass to lead 7-0.

“He played a big role in that match,” Van Pelt said.

Woods takes the blame for the 50-yard catch

Woods took the blame for a 50-yard pass from Baker Mayfield to a tight end from Ian Thomas that knocked out Christian McCaffrey by 1 yard.

“I take responsibility for that,” he said. “That was my fault. Instead of just staying with the group I was working in there, I tried to change to a different employee package. And I didn’t communicate that clearly or didn’t feel like I got the call for us. So I told the guys it was my fault.”

As for Robbie Anderson’s 75-yard TD pass in which Greg Newsom II didn’t get security assistance over the top, Woods attributed it to “just miscommunication. We cleaned it up. But it wasn’t anyone’s fault. We just have to work better together.” “.

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