House Flipper Developers: Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Team 'Best of the Best'

House Flipper Developers: Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Team ‘Best of the Best’

House Flipper was a hugely popular surprise addition to the Xbox Game Pass library when it joined the service in June, so we reached out to developer Frozen District to find out more about the Xbox Game Pass experience.

There’s something incredibly relaxing about renovating homes in House Flipper – getting rid of the trash, cleaning up the dirt, repainting the walls; it all comes together for a relaxed and enjoyable gaming experience. Obviously, we weren’t the only ones who thought so, as House Flipper has added over 42,000 additional TrueAchievements players since joining Xbox Game Pass. We reached out to developer Frozen District to find out more about the experience of bringing House Flipper to the service.

House Flipper had a big hit with its surprise addition to Xbox Game Pass

“It definitely helped us expand our community, and we’re all here for it! Lots of new people are eager to talk and share their experiences, which is great,” says Patryk “Roumyan” Przybyła, Social Media Manager of Frozen District. “We are happy to have been able to do it!” As for the experience of having the game join the Xbox Game Pass service, Przybyła adds, “It was surprisingly good! The game development industry tends to be a bit unpredictable, so it’s usually quite difficult to make something for the first time because you don’t really know what to expect. In this case, the Microsoft team has made it very easy to figure things out. These are the best of the best !”

It’s always interesting to hear how these arrangements to bring a game to Xbox Game Pass come about, so we asked Przybyła for more information. “At Frozen District, making games is about having fun, constantly improving and exploring our options,” he tells us. “We are part of a PlayWay group”, a successful Polish company behind a number of simulation games. “They were the ones who told us about this opportunity and offered to help us make it happen,” says Przybyła. “We thought joining Xbox Game Pass could be an amazing opportunity to show our game to a wider audience, so we took the plunge!”

“Sure!” Przybyła continues, when we ask if this experience with Xbox Game Pass would make the House Flipper team more inclined towards future games joining the service as well. “Overall it was a great experience, so it would be silly not to do it again soon!” And for those of you coming to the end of House Flipper and hoping for more renovation sims on the horizon, that’s good news: “As I mentioned earlier, [Xbox Game Pass] has grown our community, allowing us to gather more feedback in preparation for the release of House Flipper 2,” says Przybyła. “The more people, the more ideas and suggestions we get, which is great considering our past experiences play a BIG part in the development process.”

The success of House Flipper on Xbox Game Pass was followed by that of PowerWash Simulator – PowerWash Simulator’s Game Pass launch sprinkled Ori, Hades and more – proving there’s more than enough demand for games too relaxing. “Most simulation games do a great job of taking the stress away,” says Przybyła. “Not to mention it’s just satisfying to see the effects of your work right away – you know how all those carpet cleaning YouTube videos went viral? I feel like it works the exact same way way! It’s always heartwarming to see our players report that House Flipping helps ease their anxiety!”

How did you find House Flipper? Have you found yourself happily knocking down walls hours after saying “just one more house?” Was it a game you discovered through Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments!

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