The Queen’s final resting place has been revealed in a new photo of her black marble tomb

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.’s first picture Queen Elizabeth IIHis final resting place at Windsor Castle has been revealed. The Belgian black marble slab that now bears the name of Queen Elizabeth and marks her tomb at King George VI Memorial Chapel was first seen by worshipers who attended mass this week, and a picture of the area was obtained by daily Mail It can be viewed here. The new photo also represents the first time that the late queen’s name appears next to her husband Prince Philipwho died in April 2021.

Queen Elizabeth, who died on September 8 as the longest-running monarch the United Kingdom has ever seen, was also buried with her parents, King George VI And the Elizabeth the Queen Mother. As shown below, their names, birth and death years are engraved in gold at the top of the tablet, while the names of their daughter and daughter-in-law and their years of birth and death are now at the bottom. The metallic garter star, the garter order badge, separates the names. The Order of the Ribat is Britain’s highest equestrian rank and was created by Edward III In England in 1348, according to the Encyclopedia of World History. The four were members of the system.

The final resting place of Queen Elizabeth
The names of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are engraved below the grave marker above (Photo: Shutterstock)

A wreath specially chosen by the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth, King Charles IIIIt is located next to the marble. The Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, who died in 2002, is buried with their parents, although her name is not on the grave.

More than a dozen English and British kings and queens are buried at Windsor, most of them in St George’s Chapel, for each Reuters. However, the Queen commissioned the King George VI Memorial Chapel, which is located next to the area where the choir and clergy at St. George’s Chapel are located, in her father’s honor, which is why the family is buried there. She commissioned the Memorial Chapel in 1962.

Queen Elizabeth Prince Philip
Queen Elizabeth passed away just under a year and a half after the death of her husband Prince Philip (Image: Shutterstock)

The daily Mail They spoke to the person who took the photo of the tomb, and said that visiting the final resting place of Queen Elizabeth and her family was a “touching” experience. They noted, “It was so moving to see their names like this and to think of them together forever.” “And I feel very fortunate to have been among the first members of the public who were able to see this.”

Of course, King Charles was officially declared king on September 10. “I am deeply acquainted with this great legacy and the heavy duties and responsibilities of the Sovereign now bequeathed to me,” Charles declared in his speech at the ceremony. Referring to the loss of his mother, he continued, “I know how deep you and the entire nation are, and I believe the entire world, sympathizes with me in this irreparable loss that we have all suffered.”

After Charles, his and the late Princess DianaThe eldest son William, Prince of Wales, is destined to inherit the throne. His children follow him, from oldest to youngest.

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