‘Big Brother 24’ spoilers: Who came out last night? week 11

The final regular eviction episode of Big Brother 24 has arrived as we prepare to reveal the final stage of Season 3. See who voted last night in the combined Veto Meeting + Eviction Resolution with a single vote.

Recent HGs have been waiting for days for this since the companies started vetoing last week. HGs wondered if they had a veto meeting before the eviction offer, but nope, when it all rolls around in one moment. Monty is vetoed and Monty is not on the block, so there’s nothing left to do but make him choose: Brittany or Turner.

One of these two HGs will be out the door to join the judging panel and the other HG will remain to compete in the upcoming three finalist HOHs. The best two out of three on that front could choose who would join him or her to stand in front of the jury. It’s so close, just days away from being crowned the winner of Big Brother 24!

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We’ve got a solid part of the jury here with Terrance first arriving (Joseph jokes that he’s a Dyre Fest reunion), then Michael shows up and the jurors love his quick exit from the eviction, and finally, Alyssa arrives to disappoint Kyle. And in conversations, Alyssa threw the bomb that Taylor spent several nights in Monte HOH’s bedroom which *shocked* Joseph. Oops.

We’ve known for days who Monty plans to keep in this vote but heads up hats to Taylor and Brittany for keeping them both alive. Monty knows he will likely have double chances of getting to the finish with Turner rather than keeping Brittany. Brittany and Taylor want to take each other in. Sure, it would be easier to beat Brittany in an F3 HOH, but it’s not foolproof. Meanwhile, Turner seems committed to taking Monty, so why not.

Big Brother Results 24 – Eleventh Week Vote:

  • Monty sounds for evacuation: Brittany

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We also got a visit from last season’s dominant alliance, The Cookout. They return to Phase One to chat with Julie about the season and their impressions of the Houseguests.

Well, we have our third final of the season. Here’s how the rest of the events will work. After viewing the eviction, F3 will sit down to film the Memory Lane segments for Friday’s episode (8/7c). Once they are done with that they will be out to compete in the first round of the final. This should act as bearing comp, but there is no guarantee. There the winner will wait for the third round while the other two will move on to the second round. The second round will likely be on Friday. Neither is expected to appear on feeds. The winners of the first two rounds face off Sunday evening (8/7c) during the live show for the ability to knock out one of the other two groups. That will be!

Brother 24 – Final HOH results:

After the show, we’ll go back to the live stream to see the fallout and get ready for the final days of the season. Get the free trial and join us there now!

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