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Google is making some changes to in. So far, these auto-generated highlights have been private, but Google is adding some sharing options. Starting today, you will have a way to share memories with others if you have an Android device. Friends and family will be able to view your memories on any device through Google Photos. The option to share on iOS and the web is coming soon.

The update is part of broader changes to Memories, which will mostly be available starting today. The redesigned feature will make more videos available, including what Google believes are the best clips from the long videos they’ve taken. Photos will automatically capture what seems to be the most important moments from long videos and add them to memory. Starting in October, Google will be adding instrumental music to Some Memories, too.

He says there will be a subtle zoom effect on the still images he includes in memories to make them look less static. On this note, there is a new type of memory called Cinematic Memories. This will be based on cinematic images, one of the most used effects in Memories, which creates 3D animated representations of still images. Google says that Cinematic Memories, which will be available soon, will turn “multiple still images into a comprehensive cinematic experience.” Those memories will feature music, too.

When it comes to viewing your memories, there will be a welcome new way to navigate them. Besides tapping on the left or right of the screen to cycle through photos in an individual memory, you can switch between memories by swiping up or down. You’ll still be able to delete certain people or time periods from appearing in Memories, too.

Elsewhere, there’s a new feature called Styles. This will automatically add graphic art to your memories perhaps to make them more alive. Google will offer multiple designs initially, including limited-time options from artists Shantell Martin and Lisa Congdon

Starting today, photo users on Android and iOS will have access to a new collage editor. You will be able to pick the images, choose the layout, and rearrange the layout as you wish. There’s an option to edit photos from the collage editor too – you can adjust contrast and brightness, add filters, and make other changes. If you have a Pixel or Google One membership, you’ll have access to more editing tools, including Portrait Light and HDR options. You will also have a wide range of designs. These collages will also be shareable.

Google says Memories is one of the most beloved features of the Photos app, with users viewing over 3.5 billion of them each month. These updates may make it easier to create more dynamic highlight segments. While the sharing options are still limited, you can still record a memory with your phone and post it to the likes of Instagram or Snapchat if you wish.

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