You can never go home again – but you can go back to Monkey Island

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I end up writing about nostalgia a lot in this column—in part because at 38 (and getting older by a second), my bones are made of dust, my beard is growing gray, and I yearn for a gentle kiss the suns of my distant youth. And partly because damn it, but do video game companies like to sell it to us.

Reboot, Reshape, Refurbish, Renew: They are everywhere these days, sucking up oxygen (and money), reselling our history to us at a high price, and most damning, with scarce things to say about the source of the material from which they so persistently exhume.

Thank the gaming gods, then, for Back to Monkey Island, is an honest, god-awful sequel to the classic pirate-themed adventure game series. This week, created by original developers Ron Gilbert and David Grossman with their team at Terrible Toybox, Back It is the rare thing that does what many modern iterations have promised: sAs a celebration of the franchise on which it is based, and a new and fascinating game in its own right.

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Players once again take on the role of the hero of the classic adventure game Guybrush Threepwood, who no longer wants to be a great pirate, due to already being one. (Somewhat). Now appearing in a cool new art style – a bit like moving paper puppets, and matching the toy’s colorful tone perfectly – but still voiced by vet Dominic Armato, Guybrush is looking forward once again to trying to discover the The actual Monkey Island secretSince the last five matches, all that has been revealed is a red herring. (Meanwhile, one of the cool things about Back is that, while it has been generally described as a direct complement of Monkey Island 2, the last game that Gilbert was a major designer on, it respects all of Guybrush’s different adventures in the Caribbean. dare, Monkey Island Tales fans!)

Pursuing an honorary secret requires, of course, completing a series of tasks that are usually distributed in groups of two or threeIt always involves deceiving someone out of a valuable possession. (After all, Guybrush is a pirate—and the hero of an adventure game.) It’s worth noting that puzzle design isn’t necessarily BackSuit Power: Even with the toughest puzzle challenging, it’s usually easy to deduce what’s coming next, and opportunities for lateral thinking in old-school LucasArts are pretty rare in reality.

where Back She excels, though, in her writing and presentation. It’s a pleasure to come back to this world – not just places like traditional MI The starting point is Mille Island, which has been nicely recreated, but the funny and lighthearted version of island life that has always been a stock of this series in the trade. Gilbert and his pals aren’t afraid to play hit songs – you’ll come across Wally, Elaine, and Voodoo Lady all within the first hour of playing – but they’re also not beholden to the past. monkey island It’s always been on a tune as any set plot involving root beer, evil Australian real estate tycoons or whatever the hell, evil Ghost Pirate LeChuck until this time. And by recreating that tone, Terrible Toybox came up with a worthy idea continuation From monkey islandLegacy, not just re-fragmentation. And if you are new to the series, you will have a beautiful, funny and bright adventure filled with good jokes and great voiceovers.

all of that , And the Gilbert and Grossman make a pretty good stab explaining what the hell was going on with the end Monkey Island 2Only 30 years later, we’ve all been distracted.

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