Forget diets - I can train your mind to think he had a gastric band

Forget diets – I can train your mind to think he had a gastric band

PAUL McKENNA has called for hypnotic gastric banding to be made available on the NHS to tackle Britain’s obesity crisis.

The hypnotist spoke out after it was revealed this week that nearly half of women have done no vigorous exercise in the past year, while a third of men have also missed it .


Paul McKenna shares his tips for tackling obesityCredit: Public relations document

The figures, from the Nuffield Health charity, come as Britain’s weight crisis soars.

The latest figures reveal that 64% of adults were overweight or obese in 2019.

However, Cancer Research UK predicted last month that more than 42 million adults will be overweight by 2040, or 71% of us.

So today, Paul is sharing techniques from his updated international bestseller The Hypnotic Gastric Band and an online trance exclusively to help Sun readers lose weight this summer.

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It also offers a special discount on its Hypnotic Gastric Band app.

In an exclusive interview, Paul said, “It’s the closest thing to real magic I’ve ever seen, because a hypnotic gastric band can help you lose weight and slim down.

“We should prescribe this procedure to the NHS.

“You can get CBT, EMDR, hypnotherapy, counseling – why is it different?

“This summer Britain is facing an obesity epidemic. As a nation, we’ve never been bigger. But the reasons why people become obese are very complex.

“The scientific research is overwhelming – for most people, diets don’t work.

“Furthermore, in these times of massive anxiety, stress, boredom and emotional challenges due to the pandemic, millions of people have tried to change their mindset by drinking, taking drugs, playing, having sex, shopping, watching TV, and using drugs in the world choices — food, especially sugary foods.

“That’s why I’m sharing what I’ve learned over the past few decades, along with additional techniques for Sun readers to change their lives.

“Walking them through the process in my trans audio online, I will ask readers to do everything they would have done if they had a real gastric band.

“As we know, the real ring is very expensive, and there is a potential risk, as with any medical procedure.

“The beauty of hypnotic or psychological gastric banding is that it’s safe. You go into a trance, you’re told you’re having this procedure, but you don’t have to worry about physically going under the scalpel.

“Your unconscious mind is told that the hypnotic gastric band has shrunk your stomach from the size of a melon to the size of an apple, so you will feel full faster.

“You eat a lot less, without feeling like you’re missing out.
“A man who lost 300 pounds later told me, ‘It’s like a switch has been flipped in my head.

“It won’t work for everyone, but in the studies we’ve done we’ve found significant success rates, with seven out of ten people finding it works for them.”

eyes of love

Overweight people often say to themselves, “I hate myself for being fat.

A lady told me she would look in the mirror and her inner voice said, “Big cow.

You need to stop overindulging, because in the past the key to stopping the feeling was to eat.

This technique brings you to a place where you love and accept yourself.

And by respecting yourself, you can lose weight.

Read this exercise in its entirety before doing it, so you know what to do.

1. close your eyes and think of someone who loves and respects you.

2.To imagine this person is now standing in front of you, looking at you and smiling.

3.Next, imagine floating out of your own body and into theirs, and see yourself through their eyes. See yourself through the eyes of love and respect. Feel the smile on their face when they look at you. Notice how you smile back.

4.To remark all the things they love and respect about you. Take all the time you need to do this. Notice absolutely everything, even the little things, that you can see. Notice how it makes you feel.

5.To finish, take a snapshot of yourself in your mind and imagine seeing it right in front of you.

6.dungeon this feeling in mind, and whenever you want to remember it, look to your right and see this image again.

The golden rules

ALONGSIDE my trans online, these four golden rules are the foundation of my system and will help support the changes you make.

1. When you are hungry, eat: It is important to distinguish between true physical hunger and emotional hunger. Real hunger sets in gradually. It’s clear, constant and you feel it in your belly. It is not a reaction to fear, embarrassment, stress or anger, nor a distraction when you are bored.

The scientific research is overwhelming - for most people, diets don't work.


The scientific research is overwhelming – for most people, diets don’t work.Credit: Shutterstock

2. Eat what you want, not what you think you need: All diets involve limiting and depriving the body. Healthy people eat what their body really wants. After Hypnotic Gastric Banding Surgery, you can eat whatever you want.
3. Whatever you eat, do it consciously: Give your food your full attention. Turn off the television. Slow your feeding speed down to about a quarter of your usual speed. With each bite, put down your knife and fork and chew your food 20 times.
4. When you think you’re full, stop eating: Listen to your brain signal that you are full, then stop. It’s like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

If at first you’re not quite sure you’re feeling the full signal correctly, stop eating for three or four minutes and see if you’re still really hungry. If you are still hungry, eat a little more and pay attention to the signal again.

Haven exercise

IT IS important to stop using food to change your feelings or you will gain weight.

To feel good and interrupt or change your emotions, use this technique from Havening, created by my friend Dr. Ronald Ruden.

Please read the following exercise before doing it.
You should practice this sequence of eye movements, body touches, and visualizations several times until you know it by heart.

Then you can use it whenever you need to get rid of unhappy feelings and feel calm and relaxed quickly. Many people experience remarkable positive changes immediately after a Havening session. Even if you are one of those people, keep doing this Havening exercise regularly.

1. Pay watch out for any stress or misfortune you want to delete and notice how it looks in your imagination and how stressful it feels.
Now rate its strength on a scale of one to ten, where ten is the most powerful and one is the least. This is important, because it allows you to measure how much you are reducing it.

2. Cross your armsplace your hands on the top of your shoulders and close your eyes.

3. Now run your hands down the sides of your arms from the top of your shoulders to your elbows, and keep doing this downward motion over and over throughout this process.

4. Now clear your mindor just thinking or imagining something cool.

5. As you continue to stroke the sides of your arms, imagine you are walking on a beautiful beach, and with each step you take in the sand, count aloud from one to 20. One, two, three . . .

6. Keep your head stillwhile continuing to stroke your arms, move your eyes sideways to the left and sideways to the right ten times.

7. Always caress the sides of your arms, imagine that you are walking through a beautiful garden. With each step you take in the grass, count aloud from one to 20. One, two, three. . .

8. Now open your eyes and check on your scale of one to ten how much less the number of feelings of stress is now.
If it’s at the very bottom of the scale, congratulations – you’ve personally changed your feelings.

If you think the feeling of stress is not yet reduced enough, simply repeat the Havening sequence until it is reduced as much as you want.

The Hunger Scale

Overweight people tell me they either feel hungry all the time or they don’t know when they’re full.

From now on, never go below three or above seven again.

1. physically weak

2. Greedy

3. Pretty Hungry

4. A little hungry

5. Neutral

6. Pleasantly Satisfied

7. Complete

8. Stuffed

9. Inflated

10. Nausea

As you find it easier to live in the middle part of the scale, your relationship with food, your self-control, and your body will all change for the better.

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SUN readers can get an exclusive discount on Paul McKenna’s hugely popular The Hypnotic Gastric Band app.

For the next 72 hours, you can buy it for the discounted price of £4.99 (regular price £6.99) on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store using this QR code until 11:59 p.m. Monday, August 1.

Readers can also listen to Paul McKenna’s trance online for free all weekend at

Recalibrate your hunger settings

This simple technique helps recalibrate your hunger parameters.

1. I want remember a time when you were really hungry – remember how it felt in your stomach and mind, and how you felt.

2. I want remember a time when you felt really stuffed – remember how it felt in your stomach and your mind.

3. AgainI want you to remember a time when you were really hungry.

4. Now I want you to remember a time when you felt drunk.

5. AgainI want you to remember a time when you were really hungry.

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6. And AgainI want you to remember a time when you felt really drunk.

Can you notice the difference now between feeling hungry and feeling full?

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