PS5-exclusive Deathloop to pass the game comes with new content

Deathloop heroes are trying to shoot another in a piece of the game's colorful core art.

picture: Bethesda

A year after it debuted as a PS5 exclusive, The highly acclaimed roguelite Deathloop It’s finally heading to Xbox Game Pass. The game will be available there from September 20, and players across all platforms will have reason to celebrate. A new free major content update called Goldenloop is released the same day, adding new abilities, secrets, and an extended ending.

In addition to Game Pass, Deathloop It will also be added to PS Plus Extra, Sony’s competitor to the Netflix-like subscription service. Goldenloop updateMeanwhile, it appears to be the biggest game since its launch in September 2021. In addition to new powers and upgrades, it will also bring a new unusual weapon and enemy type. Here’s everything the free update includes:

  • Fugue: The ability with four upgrades that intoxicates enemies and renders them temporarily harmless
  • HALPS MODEL: A gun that shoots a continuous laser beam that can bounce off security cameras and turrets
  • Paint-Bomber: The enemy that attaches the explosive pigment to itself and attacks you before it explodes
  • Masquerade Upgrades: Julianna’s default ability now has four upgrades that do things like allow her to swap identities for more targets and automatically tag Colt when a clone is killed
  • 2-in-1 trinkets: 19 new trinkets give you double bonuses, allowing you to equip twice as many improvements
  • Extended ending: The developers are teasing some new secrets along with the extended story conclusion

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All this makes me more excited about me Deathloop Since I was in the middle of the game. I wasn’t as impressed with the moody Arcane Leone sim as some of the critics, and I felt like the final package didn’t really come together. Although I like some of the individual parts, they have never coalesced into something more important to me. In Eight Hours I was fascinated by the modern spy mid-century design aesthetic and berserk level design. By the last chapter, I started to feel repetitive with There is no deeper narrative secret To keep me invested. The ending left me particularly wonderful. Hopefully the new version sticks to the landing a little better.

However, I’m excited for more people to finally get a chance to play it and make their own decisions about Arkane’s shooting maze. Game Pass subscribers have been waiting Deathloop In service since Microsoft bought parent company Bethesda In early 2021. Now that the exclusivity agreement with Sony is officially over, they’ll get their chance, as will PS Plus Extra subscribers. One of the parts of the game that won me over without reservation was the clever online multiplayer, which allows players to invade each other’s gaming experiences and try to assassinate each other. It can be weird at times, but it also takes the stakes to a whole new level. Cross-play will allow PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players to experience those thrills and headaches together.

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