Marc Benioff would buy Twitter if he could

Benioff, sales force (CRM) Chairman and Co-CEO, Poppy Harlow told CNN in an interview that if it were only up to him, he would buy ‘absolutely’ Twitter (TWTR).

To be clear, he won’t actually do that. “I would never buy Twitter,” Benioff told Harlow. “Because I want something doesn’t mean I’ll have it…I’d like to go for a sundae now with three tablespoons of ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and cherries. But I’m not going to get it.”

Benioff added that he still believes Twitter is “the biggest, most unrealized, most underrated brand” in tech and that it is “an amazing company, a great brand, a great platform that can do incredible things for the future,” adding that “I have always been in love with the product. I use it every I strongly believe that this still has a tremendous amount of potential for the future.”

Salesforce considered a Twitter deal in 2016. But that wasn’t the case, as Salesforce investors rejected the idea of ​​acquiring Twitter.

“When I went to buy Twitter and I was having those conversations, all the contributors came to me and said, ‘You can stop that now,’ he said. You will not pursue this vision,” adding, “It has been a difficult moment. For me.”

Salesforce went on to strike another bold deal, though, by agreeing to buy workforce collaboration app Slack for $27.7 billion in late 2020.
Benioff has a net worth of $6.2 billion, according to Forbes, while Tesla and SpaceX CEO Musk is the richest person on the planet, with an estimated net worth of $254.6 billion.

Help the planet and employees

Aside from his comments on Twitter, Benioff also discussed with Harlow his concerns about what’s next for the global economy. Investors are clearly concerned, too. Salesforce shares are down more than 40% so far this year.

Benioff said deflation in Japan and Europe are potential problems, and he believes Europe and the UK are “in a recession”. But he does not think the United States is in a recession.

He also spoke about climate change, abortion rights and other topics in an extensive interview. Benioff told Harlow that big companies like Salesforce, one of Dow’s 30 stocks, have a responsibility to do more to help the planet.
“We can use our actions as platforms for change,” he said. “It’s about reducing emissions. It’s about reducing emissions. It’s about all of us going net-zero,” adding that Salesforce continues to generate billions of dollars in annual revenue and profits even as the company continues to focus on doing good.

“We can do everything,” he said. “We can have very high revenues, very high profits, very high cash flow, and we can manage all our stakeholders.” “This means that we manage for our employees, our customers, our communities, our homeless, and yes, the planet is a major contributor as well.”

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Benioff was inspired by the Patagonian founder’s recent decision to transfer his ownership and ensure that the company’s future profits go to charitable organizations focused on environmental issues.

“I love what he did. I think we [Salesforce] “It also needs to do more,” Benioff said.

He added that doing more also means standing up for all of your employees. Salesforce has helped employees in Indiana relocate due to strict abortion laws, for example, and said the company does not tolerate discrimination based on sexual orientation or sexual preferences.

He said, “We have to be for equality and dignity for every human being, and if it’s not for equality and dignity then…it’s not something I can work with. And we’re going to have to get out of your city or state.”

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