WR/CB Matches with Target and Downgrade – Week 2

The first week is in the books, and the fantasy managers adjust their strategies after the first match. The Week 2 version of the WR/CB Match Chart has a ‘PPGA’ (Points Per Game vs) column added with the Week 1 Point assigned to each match.

The process of allocating points for a specific match relates to how fully defending the player who lines up in one of the three points (LWR, RWR, hole) the most. For example, Jahan Dotson scored TD from LWR place and right hole, but all of his points were assigned to Shaquil Griffin because Griffin played LCB first and Dotson was the Washington receiver with the most shots in RWR.

Keep in mind that NFL teams are moving receivers more than ever in today’s game. It is difficult to decide which CB each WR will be matched against. The chart is designed to give a 1-on-1 match to each player, but the truth is that most NFL WRs will see a mix of all the databases they encounter each week. For example, in Week 1, AJ Brown played 27 shots in the hole and 21 shots in the LWR. However, Quez Watkins played more shots in the slot and the Eagles’ WR didn’t play more shots in LWR than Brown, which explains the chart. The chart is better used to understand how teams would defend outside against indoor receivers if teams were in the shadows, and how much focus they put on slowing down rival WR1 (Green Bay obviously isn’t much…).

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WR vs CB . Chart Details

The CB Matchup chart below is a snapshot of each team’s corner set as it relates to allowing fantasy points. There are inherent drawbacks to gathering data to run Cornerback. The first is the fact that 1-on-1 game quantification in the NFL game is unfair due to area coverage, mental errors, certain notions of success, and a million other things. Assigning fantasy points against a corner block is not a perfect science.

The purpose of this chart is to give more of an overall sense of how defenses handle opposing WR combos rather than specifying where, when and how each confrontation will occur. Another factor to consider is that players are listed based on where they line up most of the time. Most receivers don’t line up on one side on every shot, so they won’t be matched to the same CB on every shot.

The ‘Rtng’ column is to rank each angle based on the movie’s study and analytics. The lower the player’s rating, the easier it is to match with WR, so low ratings are green and high ratings are red. “PPGA” is the average number of fantasy points a player has given up per game this year (in the first week it is empty). Keep in mind that the team layout is a big factor in the points assigned to specific players. The name in blue means that the angle can shade WR1. The name in red means that the player is dealing with an injury.

Assessments and Matches Schedule – Week 2

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WR / CB matches for the target

AJ Brown eats against the Lions in Week 1 despite playing his first match with a new QB. Terry McLaurin is set to crash point in front of the leaky Lions High School.

Patrick Mahomes posted fortune in the first week against Arizona. The Cardinals own one of the most exploited CB groups in the league. Davante Adams is set for Week 2 success.

Michael Bateman Jr. started strong against the mighty CP trio in Houston, and this week he got Jaguar, who were new to it giving up a lot of WR production for their top three in passing. Bateman must continue to take on Tyson Campbell and Juggs.

The Patriots struggled with Terek Hill and Jalen Waddell in Week 1 and arguably the worst CP1 in the league at Galen Mills. Mitch Trubesky didn’t look great on his debut at Stiller, but Deontay Johnson has an easy match in week two.

On the other side of that game, Cameron Sutton was new to ditching a monster base streak to Ja’Marr Chase. DeVante Parker didn’t do much against Miami, but the second week could yield better results. Jakobi Meyers are also set for a productive day, as Arthur Maulet has been a combustible as a slot angler for the past two years.

I expect the Ravens to have one of the most obvious splits in terms of giving away more points for WR2s than for WR1s because Marlon Humphrey is so good. Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill are moving around the formation but based on last week’s trends, Waddle should see more of Humphrey. It gives Hill a bump.

KJ Osborn played the most slots in the Vikings in Week 1, and this week he had the Eagles’ worst corner at Avonte Maddox. Keep in mind that both Justin Jefferson and Adam Tillen will also watch the holeshots.

Finally, Cooper Kupp just lit up the best defense in the league in its first week, and continues with his amazing production where he left off last year. He’s getting an easy game this week and you’ll have no problem starting against Atlanta.

WR / CB matches to an older version

Allen Robinson was incredibly underwhelming in Week 1 and now has to deal with a strong Atlanta outside of the CB duo. It’s not the best place to bounce back in dealing with AJ Terrell and Casey Hayward.

Sammy Watkins and The Packers also struggled in the first week. Jaylon Johnson was above average in limiting opposing LWRs, so Watkins got a cut.

The Broncos have a strong group of CB led by Patrick Surtain II and are new to restricting Seahawks WRs on Monday night. Nico Collins and Branden Cox are not in great locations.

Rachod Bateman has been behind the long defense against the Jets, but his use wasn’t quite as elite in the first week. Unfortunately, his showdown in the second week was tough against Xavien Howard and Dolphins’ strong defense.

Michael Thomas scored two TD points against the Hawks in the first week, but it can be tough to maintain that efficiency against CB’s strong Puck group. It’s not a great place for him or Chris Olaf from a compatibility standpoint. The game also has an intriguingly low total of just 44.5.

Whoever plays the slot for the Jets will have to contend with Greg Newsome, who has been a tough contender to oppose the internal receivers. He could see a mix of Gates’ receptors including Garrett Wilson, Elijah Moore and Braxton Perius.

Christian Kirk looks poised to have a big year as the best WR in the passing Jaguars attack. Unfortunately, his encounter against Kenny Moore in Week Two is tough. On his shots at the outdoor receiver, I expect he’ll see a lot of Stefon Gilmore, who is also one of the best cover men in the NFL.

Brown is not expected to have a dynamic passing attack, and this week should tackle the Jets’ hard-angle group. Amary Cooper, Donovan Peoples-Jones, and David Bell come down to a lower rank.

Thanks for reading and good luck this week.

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