BART faces significant delays, 200 passengers stranded on Transbay Tube after electrical problems

San Francisco (KGO) – BART passengers can expect major mobility problems for the rest of Friday’s journey after a train broke down on the Transbay Metro early Friday morning.

Officials sent out a tweet in the afternoon telling passengers to “expect significant system-wide delays” due to individual tracking via Transbay Tube and that the ride should look for an alternative mode of transportation.

AC Transit offers free rides on all transit lines as a way to ease the commuting crisis.

BART officials said riders can also take MUNI to get around San Francisco, or ferries if they need to cross the bay.

The troubles all began with a terrifying morning trip to San Francisco for hundreds of BART commuters stranded on a malfunctioning train in the Transbay tube.

Bart says at 7:11 a.m. there was a power loss on one of the two tracks. BART has confirmed that the handicapped train is on the powered rail. About 200 people remained on the ship and were kept in the dark for about two hours.

A video shared by a man on the train showed complete darkness. The train was heading to the Embarcadero from East Bay.

BART says a fail-safe system has shut down a substation.

The guy we spoke to said he had been on the train for two hours and people started worrying about the lack of oxygen.

He says they opened the train doors and moved through an exit where a rescue train brought all passengers back to West Auckland station at around 8:35 a.m.

“I was scared. It was a terrifying experience. It was terrifying. Underwater with no oxygen, no plan and no update. Even a BART worker said ‘Hey, I don’t have anything else to say to you guys,'” said Masih Alimi.

Alimi said he and others helped some elderly passengers get off a train and onto the rescue train.

Everyone in West Auckland looked for other means of transport.

The agency initially stated that the delay was due to an equipment problem on the track.

Bart says Mooney provided mutual assistance between Embarcadero and Daly City.

Two BART trains also went out of service on the Transbay Tube on Sunday and both had to be towed.

BART also says that the Green Line that runs from Berryessa Station to Daly City is not operating.

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The delay comes after BART said it was experiencing delays on the Richmond line earlier Friday due to staff shortages, the agency says. It’s unclear why there is a staff shortage, but it was first reported as a “equipment shortage”.

Bart said there is limited Red Line service on the Richmond Line in the direction of Millbrae.

The transit agency says passengers traveling from Richmond can take the Perissa train, transfer at MacArthur to the SFO train, and then transfer to the Millbrae train at San Francisco International Airport.

ABC7 News reached out to BART and said its limited service is “until further notice.” It is currently working on resolving the issue.

The 511 sent an update around 2:30 p.m., noting that “the BART service expects significant system-wide delays through the end of service tonight due to individual tracking through the transmission pipe” from electrical issues.

You can take a look at the BART service map here.

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