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  • Web3 Blankos Block Party is the first NFT based game to be released on the Epic Games Store.
  • The Mythical Games title launched in open beta in 2020 via its own launcher, and the studio says it has attracted over a million players so far.

Blancos Block Party, An NFT– An online creation game, launched today on the Epic Games Store, becoming the first web 3 The title published in the popular PC game market.

The Mythical Games title was previously available from His website After launching with an open beta in December 2020, the company said in June of this year that Blancos had amassed more than 1 million users so far.

The studio announced plans in June to bring the free title to the Epic Games Store this year, but it wasn’t clear if it would be the first such game to hit the market. Gala Games previously announced that the Western-themed shooter Grit It will be the first Web3 game on the platformbut Not available yet.

Blankos Block Party allows users to play and collaborate in a colorful online world, inspired by designer/vinyl game culture. In-game NFTs are used to represent unique items such as avatar builds and accessories, which can be bought and sold through the game’s marketplace.

Since its launch, the game has brought a number of Brand partners and artists For limited editions, including Burberry, Atari, and Deadmau5 jukebox. However, possessing NFTs is not required to play the game. NFT is a blockchain Code Represents ownership of an item, including video game goods such as characters, weapons, and virtual land.

Epic Games Store, which claimed more than Total number of users 194 million users By the end of 2021, it had taken a different approach to Web3 games than its main competitor, Steam’s Valve Market. Last fall, Valve said that developers Games cannot be published on Steam that use NFT or cryptocurrency in any way.

In response, Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney chirp That while the studio – which publishes the Fortnite song – did not plan to use NFT or Web3 technology, it will allow other creators to use it as long as they adhere to laws and market guidelines.

“The Epic Games Store will welcome games that use blockchain technology provided they follow relevant laws, disclose their terms, and are age-rated by an appropriate group,” he tweeted. “While Epic does not use crypto in our games, we welcome innovation in the areas of technology and finance.”

The version of Blankos Block Party launched on the Epic Games Store today is functionally identical to the playable version of the game’s website. Both are available in what is being described as “early access” status, with the game fully launching across platforms on September 28th with additional content in check.

Blankos Block Party runs on the studio’s legendary platform, built on the EOS.IO blockchain protocol, but has a bridge to the leading NFT network. Ethereum. Mythical also develops many other games, including Licensed NFL Rivalsand recently I raised 150 million dollars valued at $1.25 billion last November.

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